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Our Enhanced Curriculum

Here at Millstead we have our very own designated cookery room that can be accessed by all of our pupils.

Cookery supports children's holistic learning. It can help children's personal, social and emotional development by providing opportunities for exploration, developing skills, confidence and autonomy.

Our cookery sessions are linked to termly topics. They support healthy eating, independent living skills and pupils are encouraged to explore different ingredients, tastes, smells and textures.


Mindfulness and Wellbeing 

Communication is essential at Millstead. For our children, the ability to regulate themselves emotionally is very important to enable them to engage. Some of our children find it difficult to return to a calm state after an emotional outburst.

During our sessions the children are taught to breathe in a way they can remember, ‘Smelling the flowers’, ‘Blowing out the candles’ for breaths in and out. We use the sessions to talk about different emotions we may feel and how we may deal with them.  

Mindfulness enables them to use some of the techniques to cope with situations that arise during their school day or at home.

Sensory Circuits

Sensory circuits are physical activities that help to alert, organise and then relax the senses of the pupils so that they are ready to take part in class activities.  Participating in a  short sensory motor circuit is a great way to alert or calm pupils and settle them into the school day. 

Sensory circuits are available to all pupils from 9am-10am. Many pupils have a personalised 10metable to allow them to also access regular sensory input throughout the day as required.


Aim of circuits

  • To focus concentration in readiness for learning
  • Encourage the development of sensory processing skills
  • Support the development of self-regulating arousal levels


Lego club & Therapy

Playing with Lego is fun and helps develop social skills and language, fine motor dexterity, problem solving and encourages creativity. Our pupils enjoy Lego sessions throughout the week as they have the opportunity to build with peers from across the school.  Sessions contribute to the Children's University credits.