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Early Help

EHAT is a tool used for gathering information and a standard approach in assessment for the identification of Early Help needs.


The EHAT helps practitioners to gather and understand information about the needs and strengths of children and the family. This is based on discussions with children and their family and other practitioners as appropriate.


Early Help is about: 

  • Identifying needs of children, young people and their family across a continuum of need.
  • Understanding and responding quickly to identified needs.
  • Listening to children and Families so that their views are informing what happens next.
  • Supporting and re-focusing resources from crisis to prevention, and helping to avoid concerns repeating over time.
  • Supporting families to achieve their full potential and thereby mitigate the impact of issues such as child poverty and health inequalities.
  • Providing the context for multi-agency working to help children and families achieve improved outcomes.


If you feel that you and your family would benefit from Early Help support, please speak with your child's class teacher or contact a member of the Senior Leadership Team at school.