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Communication, Language & Literacy

We believe that Communication, Language and Literacy (CLL) are key skills which are essential for all aspects of everyday life. The teaching and learning of CLL skills are given a high priority at Millstead School across all areas of the curriculum.


Communication includes the important skills of being able to listen, pay attention, interact, play and understand what is being said.


Language is more than spoken words. For our non-verbal children, our focus is promoting meaningful interactions and developing positive relationships. Staff are specialists in interpreting children’s efforts to communicate with us and provide them with most appropriate and effective tools to support their development.


Literacy is an essential part of our everyday lives. It helps us to understand our world through what we hear, see, say, write and read. 


At Millstead School, we intend to provide a personalised CLL curriculum that:

  • Offers all children the opportunity to use an effective communication system that can be understood and supported by a range of people in their lives;
  • Enables all children to find their ‘voice’ and have an influence on the world around them;
  • Enhances children’s enjoyment of and participation in literacy.