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Special Moments!

The whole school will be taking part in Sports Week. The week will be filled with different activities, special events and sporting games. We even have a special guest visiting on Thursday! 


Keep your eyes peeled on this page! :) 

Harvest Celebrations

This week we have been celebrating Harvest across school. On Thursday we had an assembly, Robbie and Linda from Fans Supporting Foodbanks came to watch and collected the kind donations received from families.

On Friday we had had a Harvest cafe, the children brought their food donations and sat with their friends to have toast, cereal, crumpets and biscuits. The children in the PMLD cohort accessed a carousel of activities including vegetable printing, digging for vegetables in edible soil, pumpkin exploration and eating some delicious vegetable soup.








Today some of our children visited North Liverpool Foodbank to drop off a donation.

Alan came out and met us and showed us where to weigh the food we had taken and then showed the children how the food is sorted into sections ready to be given to families in need. 















Thank you to our special guests that attended our Sports Week closing ceremony. 


Ted Morris (Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association) and Joe Blott (Spirit of Shankly) 


What a wonderful day!!

Enterprise 2022

Celebrating the Queen’s Jubliee 


Cash for Kids disco 

Millstead School fancy dress Sponsored Walk

Welcome to Sports Week 2021

21th Jun – 25th June


It is going to look a little different this year due to covid restrictions – but will still be a lot of fun. So get them laces tied, your winning medals on and let’s make it as fun as possible for our Millstead gang.


The whole school will take part in lots of different activities including swimming, climbing, trampolining, archery, basketball, football and old school sports day games.


We are very lucky to have Liverpool Football Club and Everton in the Community coming into school to teach us some exciting new games and join in with our festivities. 

Millstead is taking part in it's very own art week and having an art gallery to showcase our work in our very own Sports Hall. We are all very excited as we have never done an art gallery at Millstead before. Next week (w/c 03.05.2021) the children will be creating their very own masterpieces in class. Each class has a different artist to focus on and will then visit the gallery on Thursday 6th May. Read below which artist your child's class is focusing on:

Oak – Patrice Murciano

Cedar – Seuart

Elm – Van Gogh

Beech – Gustav Klimt

Chestnut – Keith Haring

Holly – Picasso

Rowan – David Hockney

Alder – Andy Warhol

Birch – Joan Miro

Ash – Jackson Pollock

Yew – Kadinsky

Redwood – Paul Klee

Pine – Mondrain

Willow – Matisse

Maple – Monet 
Unfortunately parents won't be able to attend the art gallery with covid restrictions but we are so lucky to have Leah who is going to video a virtual gallery for you all to see. It will be posted on this page once done, so keep checking. Once the gallery is over you will have the opportunity to purchase your child's art. I am sure they will be very proud of their work and would love to see it up in your house. We thank you always for your support!

23rd March - Millstead School Easter Bake off!


Today all classes have been very busy making their own class cakes for our Millstead School Easter Bake off. 


All 15 classes have taken a photo and all cakes are numbered. Check out the photos below to see which cake you think is the best!!!


Don't forget to vote :)



10th March - Friends!


Today during choose time, Liam wrote on a white board 'who wants to be my best friend?'. He went around all his class friends asking them to tick yes or no. He was so happy when all his friends ticked yes!


Liam has been working on making and maintaining friendships, so this was lovely to watch!

5th March - Mrs Elf


Today on World Book Day, Zeeman made his own book and read it to the class at snack time.  

28th February - Can't stop me now


Today Jury walked independently for the first time in school, and now she is walking to different areas of the school and around the classroom!!!!!

25th February - Come on !!!


Hafsa independently shouted to Donna "Come on Donna", when they were at sensory circuit! 

13th February - Trying something new!


Today Sidiki independently wanted to try a new lunch today and ate the whole thing!

7th February - Mental health week


This week we have been learning all about Mental health. All the children at Millstead School have been fantastic in coming together and learning all about how we can make ourselves and our friends happy.


6th February - Music magic :)


Alishba sat for the whole song, following the correct moves and independently joining in :)


Still image for this video

3rd February - Skeleton


This week has been a hospital theme and Sidiki, Zeeman and Sam worked together for 15 minutes to put the skeleton back together!

30th January - Another snack time WOW!


In Chestnut Class today, Zeeman ate an orange! This is fantastic news as he struggles to try new foods! We were so proud of him :)

29th January - Snack time WOW!


Today during snack time, Jo Jo amazed us all when he independently said "I want toast". He then repeated it several times! Jo Jo loves toast!!


Still image for this video

23rd January - Jigsaw day!


During choose time, Sidiki and Liam worked together to complete a puzzle! They helped each other find the pieces they needed and engaged in full conversations with each other. 

20th January - Monday mindfulness


Sidiki constructed a sentence and was able to show different emotions during Mindfulness! Fantastic!

16th January - Look at my name!


Tony has been practising his letter formation every morning in class when he signs in. We are so proud of his progression! Keep it up Tony :)

14th January - The superhero's lunch box


In cookery Sky challenged herself by tasting something new and ate a whole cheese sandwich! Well done Sky!

10th January - Phonics fan!


During phonics Jojo said his sounds out loud for the first time!! He was loving it and loved all the praise from staff.

10th January - Fantastic communication!!!


Sidiki was outside in the playground and went up to a member of staff and said "Sidiki play football". This is the first time he has initiated a conversation outside! Fantastic!

8th January - Superhero on the climbing wall!


Aidan went on the climbing wall for the first time today. He followed all instructions and loved climbing the different routes. It was so lovely to watch!

7th January - WOW moment in Cedar Class!


Today was the first time that Cedar class explored all the safety equipment for the climbing wall. Jo Jo was really nervous about putting it on himself, so he independently went over to Issy and helped her with her harness and helmet instead! What a lovely friend :)

6th January - Fancy dress in Chestnut Class!


For the first time since Sidiki came to Millstead he has put on fancy dress! He independently chose what cape and mask he wanted and played superheroes in the park with his friends!


19th December - Sean the super swimmer


A huge WELL DONE to Sean from Beech Class. When Sean first started school in September he didn't like swimming, he wore a swim vest, armbands and was supported by and adult.....LOOK at him now!!! Sean is now confident to jump into the pool holding his friends hands without any aids!!!!

16th December - Fantastic phonics


Anna from Oak Class was shown the flashcard of the letter sound 's' and said snake. she was able to consistently identify the letter 's' from a choice of two.

11th Deccember - What a splash!


Ben has got so incredibly brave! He didn't even want to get in the pool in September; in October he had just started to move around the pool holding onto an adult nervously, but now he can swim around the pool entirely independently and he gets super excited for our pool session on every Wednesday morning!


Still image for this video

22nd July - The perfect ending to our time at Millstead


Goodbye and Good Luck to all the leavers here at Millstead School. You will be missed!


What a fantastic couple of days of celebrations, check out the photos below :)


Just a couple of Thank you messages:


First of all... Kirsty and Gill- You guys have been amazing in planning and sorting it all! A lot of time and effort was put into this amazing day! The children are so lucky to have you both :)


Scruples Hair and Beauty on Lisburn Lane- Thank you for opening your shop and coming to work on your day off to style our girls hair.


Dannielle Crossland Aesthetics and Beauty Lounge- Thank you for beautifying our girls with nail painting, make up and glitter gems!


Ozzy James Entertainments- Thank you for your donation of a banner, balloon arch and a selfie booth with unlimited prints.


The Superbooth Team- Thank you for the leavers gorgeous printed and mounted portraits. Sweet Themes Cakes and Patisserie- Thank you for those delicious personalised cakes.


Makenzie's mum- Thank you for your donation of chair covers.


Sainsburys- Thank you for all your help and donations.


and thanks a bunch to the staff that stayed to help and clean up afterwards.


The perfect ending!

Our last breakfast together

Girly morning preparing for the Prom

The Closing Ceremony


The Opening Ceremony

1st July - 5th July - Sports week!


This week at Millstead it is SPORTS WEEK!!!! It is a fantastic week where all classes take part in lots of fun games and sporting events. We have zumba, traditional games (the egg and spoon race is always a favourite!), yoga, fencing, football, trampolining and so much more!


Each class represents a different sport and on Monday afternoon there will be a parade, everyone will get to show off their banners!!! Check checking the website to see photos of all the fun we will be having :)

26th June - Keeping cool in Alder Class


Due to the warm weather we have been learning about ways to keep cool and protect ourselves. We have been wearing our sun cream and sun hats, taking our layers off and nothing helps us to keep cool better than a cold lolly ice - which we enjoyed so much!

20th June - Bike Right


Elm Class have been very lucky this week, they have been taking part in a bike ability course at school. They have been practicing how to ride a 2 wheeler bike or using the balance bikes.


Some of the boys even managed to go out onto the pavement to work on road safety! What a fantastic day. :)

20th June - What a surprise


In Elm class we have been concentrating on our writing skills. Today Matthew used a pincer grip for the first time!!!

18th June - Mindfulness


It was our second session of Mindfulness with Cedar and Beech class leavers. We have been talking about going to our new schools in September. Achille has been helping us show the children breathing techniques and some yoga poses. Today we did mindfulness peer massage on our friend's hands. It really helped us relax.



18th June - Alfie, in Birch class, wrote his name from memory

11th June - The rain will not stop us!


Despite the weather the forest school group still enjoyed their session. They were cosy under the canopy and followed the visuals and verbal instructions to create their own ice cream cones! They then tool it in turns to put the cones on the fire to melt the chocolate and marshmallows inside - how yummy!


All the children that go are getting really good at following fire safety rules, wearing a fire glove, and being confident around the fire.


Hannah is a fantastic leader of forest school sessions and everyone loves going! :)

7th June - We were 'WOW'ed!


Elm, Cedar and Beech class were lucky enough to have a special visitor in today, A magician!! She was fantastic; performing magic card tricks and answering all of our magic questions! We showed her our wands that we have made and put spells on each other!


What a magical morning!!



7th June - Swimming with Birch class


Ayman has made us all so proud. He jumped into the pool for the first time yesterday! Well done Ayman! 



Still image for this video

6th June - Grace has got the whole world in her hands!


With Grace was fantastic on our trip to the Anglican cathedral - she did this pose independently -a gorgeous moment in Alder class.


23rd May - Oak class at the park


With lots of determination Lexi was able to climb up the stairs to go on the slide during the class trip to Calderstones Park. It was lovely to watch :)



21st May - Swimming lessons in Elm Class.


Today in swimming, Matthew achieved two things that he has never done before! He jumped into the pool independently with his head going underwater and he swam a little bit with his feet off the floor!

Fantastic work Matthew!

22nd May - Swimming lessons in Birch Class

Still image for this video
Sian achieved her pool target today! She jumped in the water independently! Well done Sian!

21st May - Mindfulness programme!


Tony, Logan, Jasmine, Lille F, Lilly J, Muhammed, Charlie, Callum P have all completed a 12 week Mindfulness Programme with Kirsty and Sharon.

The guys have done really well today we celebrated and had a party.

17th May - A morning out for Alder Class!


During a trip to Walton Hall Gardens - Alex and Sidiki both enjoyed an ice-cream with their friends!!


17th May - LEGO hero!


Jaydem spent 4 and a half hours with a staff member building a TEchnic Lego age 7-14 car with pull back action. He got frustrated at times but repaired and returned on each occasion with great perseverance. Fantastic work Jay!

15th May - Short stories in Cedar Class


Lillie wrote her own short story using 1 picture prompt and a selection of key words. Lillie only needed a little support otherwise independent. Fantastic!


14th May - Great news in Alder Class


Grace allowed her hair to be brushed by Bonnie after swimming. She listened to instructions and did not get upset. 


Fantastic news Grace :)

Liverpool Spring 1k run - 6th May 2019


Hakeem, from Elm Class, ran the Liverpool Spring 1K race on Sunday. He was running to raise money for Claire House. He said that he ran super fast!!


We are so proud of you! 

MOVE programme - 3rd May 2019


Grace, in Oak Class, took 8 steps independently! How fantastic!

30th April - Liverpool Football Club and Joie Baby


A couple of weeks ago we received a surprise when Jason McAteer paid us a visit to help deliver a sports session with a difference.

Thirty children, from different classes, joined Jason for some fun coaching and activity sessions specifically developed to help them better interact with their surroundings, such as throwing and catching exercises with sensory balls, target practice, and knocking skittles over.


As part of LFC Foundation’s Respect 4 All programme, the club’s official family partner, Joie Baby, has teamed up with the club’s official charity to deliver weekly SEN sports and activity sessions within our school.


The programme will see experienced coaches from LFC Foundation deliver dedicated sessions at school for three hours a week to remove potential barriers that can exist regarding accessibility to sport for children with complex needs and disabilities.

At the end of the session, Jason McAteer had another surprise up his sleeve for the children, when he presented them all with a selection of gifts to help them remember their special day.


What a fantastic opportunity for Millstead school. We can't thank everyone enough :)

Liverpool Football Cub and Joie Baby.mp4

Still image for this video

30th April - Feedback from parents who went to Splash World!


It has been so lovely to hear the feedback from parents about the trip to Splash World, we thought we would share a few of them on here.

Thank you again to Kirsty and Sharon :)


Muhammed's Family- 
"It has been a great experience for the children. The teachers were very helpful to the kids and parents"
Lillie's family-
"Not only did Lillie enjoy this trip, it was really good for her siblings. Sharon and Kirsty were fantastic who attended and supported other parents. A great way to share and network with other families. "
Max and Sam's family-
" We really enjoyed it as a family and seeing the boys playing with their friends was really lovely. We would be more than happy to do similar activities organised by school in future.
Elliot's family-
"Elliot and Hannah enjoyed the trip to Splashworld, it was nice for Elliot to spend time with friends outside of school."

26th April - Splash World!


Splash World is a water park in Southport, that have developed an event for "children and young people with disabilities, their families, carers and friends."  The 'quiet nights' sessions are brought to you by the Aiming High team at Sefton Council and run every couple of weeks on a Friday.


Two members of staff thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to allow parents and careers of children at Millstead to go along and experience this event. Letters were sent home to all children and many families thought it was a brilliant idea, saying it was a great success!



A big THANK YOU to Kirsty and Sharon for organising this, and everyone who came, all the children had a great time with their school friends!


26th April - Family swim


Liliana , Francis and Elliot were so lucky today when their mums came for the family swim. It was so lovely to see them splashing around together!


If you would like to come in on a Friday at 12-1pm to swim with your child, contact Gill Evans or the school office. Would be great to see you there!

25th April - The Apple Store


A few pupils from across the school went to the Apple Store today. They learnt how to use movie maker and were able to crop and edit scenes all designed by the famous you tuber Zack King.


What a great experience!

24th April - Out in the community


Cedar Class went to B&M to buy armbands. The children were asked to compare prices and buy the armbands that were cheaper. Lillie compared armbands that were £4.99 and £1.99 and identified that the £1.99 armbands were cheaper. Lille was able to apply what she had learnt in the classroom to a practical situation - great work!