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Physical Development & Physical Education

Physical Development at Millstead  

Millstead Primary School adopts an integrated approach to physical development. Physical development is promoted in all areas of the curriculum, throughout the school day.  Pupils are challenged to make progress in their physical skills by knowledgeable staff members. These skills may range from developing head control, learning how to roll over and sit up, to refining fine motor activities and the acquisition of sports specific skills.  

The development of physical skills is fundamental in learning. By developing coordination, motor skills and awareness of their bodies, pupils can explore, interpret and have an impact on the world around them often resulting in healthier and more independent learners. 

For some pupils, physical activities are taught to support their sensory regulation and emotional wellbeing. Advice is sought from other services to enable teachers to plan physical activities that have a positive impact on individual pupil’s sensory regulation, helping them to achieve and maintain a calm, alert state, ready for learning.  

The development of physical skills are taught across environments, enabling pupils to consolidate their learning and transfer their skills. For some children, they are provided with opportunities to apply these skills within community and leisure facilities. This in turn broadens opportunities for our pupils having a positive impact on physical and mental health and well-being. 


What does Physical Development look like at Millstead Primary School? 

Progress in Physical Development 

A variety of tools and documents are used to assess physical development skills at Millstead School. Baseline assessments are completed when pupils join the school community. These inform next steps and targets for individual pupils. The focus of physical development opportunities determines the tools used to assess individuals. 

Assessment Tools used include: 

MATP Assessments 

MOVE Assessments 

Rebound- Winstarda  

Sensory Integration- Progression of Skills 

Swim Awards 

PE- Progression of Skills 

Climbing Progression of skills 

Early Years Assessment  



The progression of skills in all areas of Physical Development is to improve outcomes and quality of life for all children and their families. Resulting in children leading more independent, healthy lives with increased opportunities.