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Star of the Week

Star of the week - 25th September 2020 


Rowan Class - Adam  - For listening to instructions.

Chestnut ClassPoppy - For understanding story using colourful semantics - Who? doing? What? Where?

Pine Class- Oliver- For moving onto the next MOVE milestone

                  Lois- For making lots of different sounds to get the adult's attention

                  Eslam- For amazing work at swimming floating independently and for engaging so well in                         class activities

Alder Class - Joe - For using his fork to feed himself during lunch. 

Star of the Week - 18th September 2020


Rowan Class -  Bobby  - For using the toilet!! 

Chestnut Class- Lexi - For working hard in M.O.V.E 

Alder Class - Muizz - For walking to forest school independently. 

Pine Class- Jack- For a fantastic first week in Pine Class



Star of the week - 11th September 2020


Rowan Class - All boys  - For having a fantastic first week in Rowan Class!

Chestnut Class- All Children- For having a great first week settling in and making friends!

Pine Class- Lois- For amazing work at MOVE circuits

Star of the week - 13th March 2020


Cedar Class - Jojo  - For being brave and talking about his feelings!


Chestnut Class - Sam  - For eating toast at the café!




We are so proud of you all!! :)

Star of the week - 6th March 2020


Cedar Class - Isaac  - For continuing to develop his verbal communication!


Chestnut Class - Liam  - For being so brave and climbing to the top of the climbing wall!


Willow Class - Eve  - For enjoying her 1st swimming session of the year!


We are so proud of you all!! :)

Star of the week - 28th February 2020


Birch Class - Alfie - For amazing social interaction with his peers.


Cedar Class - Sky  - For initiating conversations with peers and a really positive attitude for the first week back. 


Chestnut Class - Aidan  - For accessing and enjoying our educational visit this week!


Elm Class - Adam - For joining in activities he usually avoids, like yoga and dancing!


Holly Class - Max


We are so proud of you all!! :)

Star of the week - 14th February 2020


Birch Class - Eze - For recognising and labelling his peers emotions!


Chestnut Class - Hafsa  - For initiating conversation and requesting sensory circuits.  



We are so proud of you all!! :)

Star of the week - I am brave because... - 7th February 2020


Cedar Class - Elliot - I have been dealing with my emotions. I use my emotional literacy cards for support.


Chestnut Class - Alishba  - I've had the confidence and bravery to interact with other children in an unfamiliar setting.


Elm Class - Lilly  - I ignored distractions in the classroom instead of allowing myself to be upset by them.


Oak Class - Jaydem - I hurt my head when I fell off the slide but I didn't make a fuss!


We are so proud of you all!! :)

Star of the week - 31st January 2020


Cedar Class - Issac - For making amazing progress with his social interaction skills this week! Issac struggles to give familiar adults eye contact, but at the end of the week he was able to do this with familiar and unfamiliar adults!


Chestnut Class - Zeeman  - For trying new foods this week! Well done :)


Elm Class - Kendra  - For always being kind and for using her knife and fork every lunchtime.


Oak Class - Oliver  - For being confident in class, using his voice and answering blank level 2 questions. 


Yew Class - Lewis - For beginning to communicate his wants and needs with familiar adults.


We are so proud of you all!! :)

Star of the week - 24th January 2020


Birch Class - Kendall - For using consistent self regulation strategies - asking for hands squeezed by an adult


Cedar Class - Ben - For being super duper brave on the climbing wall for the first time, exploring the equipment in Everton park and swimming confidently and independently in the pool!


Chestnut Class - Leila  - For managing her behaviour this week. We are so proud of her! 


Elm Class  - Callum - For fantastic work in yoga. 


Oak Class - Kendall - For using her voice to tell staff that she was 'hungry' at forest school

                - Alex - For fantastic engagement during cookery, using the utensils independently and touching all of the ingredients.


Yew Class - Layla - For following simple verbal instructions to complete an activity. 


We are so proud of you all!! :)

Star of the week - 17th January 2020


Beech Class - Jamie - For lovely playing outside with his friends

                   - Brody  - For building a tower with his friend Jamie this week


Birch Class - Matthew - For developing new drawing skills!

Cedar Class - Ryan - For sitting and completing tasks without a timer or any visual/ verbal support.


Chestnut Class - Tony  - For managing behaviour so well all week!


Elm Class - Aqeeq  - For engaging in literacy activities and completing them with confidence! 


Maple Class - Jury  - For saying apple and pointing to the symbol during story

                   - Poppy - For engaging in movements to music taking adults hand and moving it up and down


Redwood Class - Joel - For making a big effort to eat all his lunch throughout the week. 


Oak Class - Harry - For using full sentences when requesting things and for really good behaviour all week!


Yew Class - Jake  - For completing a work station activity.




We are so proud of you all!! :)

What a lovely celebration of the fantastic work achieved this week by our pupils :)

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Star of the week - 10th January 2020


Alder Class - Gordon - For communication!


Beech Class - Mia - For using her PECS book spontaneously to communicate this week. 


Cedar Class - JoJo  - For talking more and more this week and saying his phonics sounds aloud!


Chestnut Class - Aidan  - For independently transiting off the bus and into class every morning this week!


Elm Class - Elliot  - For incredible independent maths!


Holly - Matthew 


Pine Class - - Lois - For being so calm and happy during swimming this week.


Redwood Class - Callum - For swimming on his front independently in the pool.


Rowan Class - Max  - For swimming.


Oak Class - Lexi - For getting in and out of the swimming pool independently using the steps. 


Willow Class - Laura  - For excellent interaction in the swimming pool.




We are so proud of you all!! :)

What a fantastic end to the year!

Star of the week - 13th December 2019


THE WHOLE SCHOOL - Every child at Millstead school deserves this award after a fantastic week of play performances. Everyone worked so hard learning all the dances and wearing costumes. 




We are so proud of you all!! :)

Star of the week - 19th July 2019


Alder Class - The whole class! - For a fantastic day out at Gullivers!



Beech Class - Callum  - For swimming a whole length on his own!


Birch Class - Sian - For great behaviour on the school trip!


Cedar Class - EmmanuelFor being enthusiastic in wakeyshakey!



Elm Class - Alex - For using his big voice!


Yew Class - Muizz - For engaging well in a new environment on our end of year class trip! 





We are so proud of you all!! :)

Star of the week - 12th July 2019



Beech Class - Callum  - For swimming a whole length on his own!


Birch Class - The whole class! - For fantastic behaviour on the school trip!



Elm Class - Ellis - For fantastic independent Literacy work!



Yew Class - Muizz - For engaging well in a new environment on our end of year class trip! 





We are so proud of you all!! :)

Star of the week - 21st June 2019


Alder Class - Kyla - For fantastic maths work, counting out money correctly and exchanging it with her class friends. 


Birch Class - Ayman - For being such fun company at the caravan this week and for coping so well with unfamiliar surroundings


Elm Class - Hakeem - For learning to ride a bike!!

            Harley - For 5 gold shields!!



Oak Class - Liliana - For showing amazing independent skills by using the toilet



Willow Class - Laura - For excellent exploration of the jelly and buried treasure with her hands. 




We are so proud of you all!! :)

Star of the week - 21st June 2019


Alder Class - Sidiki - For making his own sandcastle biscuits in cookery and eating them!! 


Ash Class - Oscar - For pulling himself along and turning himself around on the scoot board!


Beech Class - - For


Birch Class - Leo - For initiating play in the swimming pool with Sara


Cedar Class - Lillie - For being a wonderful friend and helper and teacher to her friends and the younger children  


Chestnut Class - . - For


Elm Class - Matthew - For using a pincer grip for the first time!


Holly Class - - For  


Pine Class - M - For  


Rowan Class - . - . 


Redwood Class - Tony - For following all instructions during horse riding

                  Riley - For amazing maths!


Oak Class - .Grace, Ruby, Ellie and Poppy - For being absolutely amazing during our trip to the caravan!


Yew Class - Connor - For making a vocalisation for 'go' during 'ready steady go' session in rebound

             Umar - For learning to use his chew to help regulate his sensory needs


Willow Class - . - For  




We are so proud of you all!! :)

Star of the week - 14th June 2019


Alder Class - Libby - For leaving the museum calmly once it had finished, even though she was enjoying it so much!


Ash Class - .Oscar - For following instructions and finding his shoes and putting them on all by himself!


Beech Class - Callum  - For amazing literacy and numeracy work



Birch Class - Ryan - For being so gorgeous! He went and got a tissue to wipe tears away from a child who was upset!

              Alfie - For not wearing a pull up in school during afternoons!


Cedar Class - JoJo - For using his voice. He shouted "yes", "no" and "shoe". 


Chestnut Class - . - For


Elm Class - Harley - For making it to gold shield three times this week!


Holly Class - - For  


Pine Class - Massine - For exploring our pirate treasure using his fingers and hands. For toperating his standing frame for increased periods of time.  


Rowan Class - . - . 


Redwood Class - . - For



Oak Class - .- For


Yew Class -.. - .


Willow Class - . - For  




We are so proud of you all!! :)

Star of the week - 7th June 2019


Alder Class - Grace - For fantastic behaviour all week in school and for being so amazing on our class trip. 


Ash Class - Max - For initiating an interaction with an unfamiliar adult to request an action. Max wanted Jane to pull him on the scoot board!


Beech Class - .  - . 


Birch Class - . - .  


Cedar Class - .Achille - For being an amazing friend! 


Chestnut Class - Sange - For saying 'camel' during our magic carpet adventure! 


Elm Class - Jaydem - For fantastic symmetry work in Numeracy


Holly Class - -  


Pine Class - Jake - For tolerating a positioning well this week and for trying hard to use his hand during sensory art and exploration 


Rowan Class - . - . 


Redwood Class - James - For independent writing on the board

                  Sam - For independently creating and solving addition problems!


Oak Class - Jack - For settling back into his school routine so well :) 


Yew Class -.. - .


Willow Class - Emily - For excellent exploration of some coconuts for 10 minutes. 




We are so proud of you all!! :)

Star of the week - 24th May 2019


Alder Class - Joe - For his amazing contribution during the primary spring run this Thursday! He really showed off his competitive side and ran very fast!


Ash Class - . - .  


Beech Class - Jibrail  - For outstanding running when representing the school at the Everton fun run!


Birch Class - Sian - For achieving her swimming target!  


Cedar Class - . - For


Chestnut Class - . - For


Elm Class - Remario - For a fantastic term! Lots of hard work and able to manage his emotions so well!


Holly Class - - For


Pine Class - . - For


Rowan Class - Liam - For working really hard during swing therapy sessions developing his pre writing skills


Redwood Class - Alishba - Following all verbal instructions during the fun run!

                  Liam - Fantastic first week in Redwood class!


Oak Class - - For


Yew Class -.Bobby - For joining in with the fun run. He completed two races and was brilliant!


Willow Class - . - For Zhi Peng He for settling back to school well.




We are so proud of you all!! :)

Star of the week - 17th May 2019


Alder Class - Logan - For being brave on our class trip this week and being willing to try new activities.


Ash Class - . - .  


Beech Class - Aqueeq - For trying hard at swimming! 


Birch Class - Leo - For excellent communication skills inside school and out in the community! 


Cedar Class - Mustafa - For making healthy choices!


Chestnut Class - Gabriel - For excellent listening during sensory story and engaging with adults on the playground.


Elm Class - Harry - For being a great friend!


Holly Class - Sky  - For independently building holly classes daily timetable. 


Pine Class - Evie Kate - For engaging in lots of different activities during a full week in school!


Rowan Class - . - .


Redwood Class - . - .


Oak Class - Ellie  - For fantastic speaking!

             Ruby  - For walking around calderstones park!


Yew Class -.Muizz - For transitioning well all week and walking to the local shop and back! 


Willow Class - Eve - For asking for more massage on the trampoline.  



We are so proud of you all!! :)

Star of the week - 10th May 2019


Alder Class - Poppy - For being brave taking her medicine with Nurse James :) 


Ash Class - Oscar - For being a superstar during sensory circuits and following gestural cues (point). 


Beech Class - Kendra - For trying hard to programme her beebot


Birch Class - Matthew - For independently making a choice from his choice board and travelling to exchange with an adult


Cedar Class - Mustafa - For making healthy choices every day


Chestnut Class - Elliot  - For requesting a break during cookery when it was too loud!


Elm Class - Max - For trying new food!


Holly Class - Hafsa  - For her independent creative skills., making pirate hats and lots of different playdoh models 


Pine Class - Sharma - For trying to feed herself with a spoon 


Rowan Class - . - .


Redwood Class - JoJo - For independently writing his name every morning without adult prompt or support!


Oak Class - Lexi - .For great behaviour and making very good choices!


Yew Class - . - .


Willow Class - Laura - For independent sitting and good balance when 4 point kneeling on the roll 



We are so proud of you all!! :)

Star of the week - 3rd May 2019


Alder Class - Harry - For answering a question this week - when asked what his favourite part of football was he replied 'bowling' - super communicating and using his voice!


Ash Class - Austin - For being a superstar at forest school and drinking out of a big boy cup! 


Beech Class - Adam and Eva - .


Birch Class - Alfie - For riding the horse independently.


Cedar Class - . - .


Chestnut Class - - .


Elm Class - Ellis - For fantastic behaviour in both school and at home!


Holly Class - Adam  - For horse riding.


Pine Class -


Rowan Class - . - .


Redwood Class - James - For fantastic listening ALL WEEK!!! Brilliant work James!


Oak Class - Poppy - A lot more independence in the swimming pool.


Yew Class - Connor - For anticipating the routine at horse riding.


Willow Class - Charlie - For excellent head control in supported sitting when on the trampoline.



We are so proud of you all!! :)

Star of the week - 26th April 2019


Alder Class - Alex - Fantastic listening in the community.


Ash Class - Francis - For settling quickly into the school routine following the spring break. 


Beech Class - Jabrail - For being helpful to others


Birch Class - Leo - For structuring sentences.


Cedar Class - Makenzie - For having great listening and positive behaviour!


Chestnut Class - Isla  - Participating in play with friends and adults


Elm Class - Mohammed - For a fantastic first week back!


Holly Class - Adam  - Using the word disappeared during the class story. 


Pine Class -


Rowan Class - Enoch - A great first week back!


Redwood Class - Zeeman - When out in the community, Zeeman was able to follow symbols to find the correct items.


Oak Class - Ellie - A lot more independence in the swimming pool.


Yew Class - Kendall - Using lots of single words including a new word 'tiger'. 


Willow Class - Louise - for having a fantastic week, accessing everything that was asked of her including swimming for the first time in 2 months and her standing frame.



We are so proud of you all!! :)