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Autumn 2 2023 RWI

Spring 2

Alder Class.

This term the children have taken on many topic challenges linked to our music topic. The children had to choose from visuals what instrument they wanted to explore, and then find the same instrument in the music box. The children also took on a number challenge and had to match the number of  lego blocks to the correct visual.

Rowan class.

In Rowan class we have been answering the "where?" question. The boys had to find the different locations we go to during the week 

Maple class.

In Maple class,

 Emily reached into the box during music to choose an instrument.

 Hallie joined in with an adult led music session, completing actions with the instruments.

Assen sat and looked at a book, turning the pages and looking at the pictures.

Jury followed a first, next and then to complete an art activity, completing 5 actions for each part of the activity.


Yew class

Yew class children have had lots of fun this term.

Harrison followed visual to stack the tyres in the correct order.

With adult support  AJ could find the correct number key to open the lock

George enjoyed sharing a story with Kerrie, George helped turn the pages and looked at the pictures on each page.

Oak Class

Erelah making progress in her maths group, using visuals to support the concept of more.

Dixie and Rosie searching for insects in the soil during our minibeast topic.

Natalie learning how to spread evenly.

Kai participating in stage 3 of attention autism and turn taking.

Redwood class.

In Literacy the children have been communication board to say what they hear. The children have been learning familiar sounds and songs.

In maths the children have been focusing on organizing their own timetables by matching. This assists with the concept of time so each child know what is coming next.

In creative we have been focusing on the vertical movement. We have been creating painting to do with the topic Play that Funky Music.

Elm class

Pine & Willow

In Pine and Willow Class, we have been working hard on our individual targets. Our theme this half term has been “Play that funky music”. We have been exploring this through all of our curriculum activities

Cedar class

This term our topic has been mini beasts, we have been using our magnifying glasses to look for insects in their natural habitat. We used the ipad to research the different life cycles.

Maths groups



This term in maths we have been learning composition of numbers to 10. We have been learning the vocabulary greater and fewer, and working together to problem solve abstract questions.

Spring 1

Rowan Class

We took some chalk to the park this morning to practice our mark making and letter formation. We enjoyed transferring our skills from the classroom to out in the community.

Rowan class transferring our skills into the community.

Maple class.

During cookery Oliver reached out and pressed the switch to turn the mixer on.

Assen enjoyed exploring his favourite book independently.

Zinet  and Shama worked on finding the number to match how many blocks were in the tower they built.

Emily reached out and took the maraca during music.

Maple Class

Redwood Class

In maths, we have been focusing on big and small. We had to put our small and big elephants into the correct hoops.


In Creative, we have worked hard practicing our movements with the paint and rollers. We made horizontal stripes to re-create Lester's pyjamas.


In Sensory story, we have all enjoyed 'the Large Family' We have all been helping Mr Large have a shave, Mrs Large have a bubble bath, and Dressing up with her sister Laura. We have worked hard to learn the sequence of the story and correctly matching it.

Redwood Class

Pine and Willow

Have been working hard on our individual targets. Our theme this half term has been "The Large Family". We have been exploring this through all of our curriculum activities.

Pine and Willow class

Alder class.

The children in Alder class have been working on the Independent living skills targets.

They have been waiting in turn to collect their lunch take it to the table and then using a fork to eat their lunch with.

Alder class

Chestnut Class

 Have had fun  learning subtraction through number songs as 5 little speckle frogs.

We have enjoyed listening to number stories-our favourite this term has been 10 in the bed

Creative club! we love exploring different tools and resources to freely express our creative side, working alongside each other to share recourses and show our creations.


Chestnut Class

Elm Class


We have had fun learning in Elm class this term, from mark making in goo in the tuff tray.

Learning to pour and dilute juice independently, measuring items around the classroom using blocks. To following instructions to wash our hands properly using soap. 

Elm class

Oak Class

Have been working on counting and writing number, the children have engaged in a phonics attention autism session looking at our 'd' sound, watching the pasta fall onto a drum.

we have also been engaging in parachute games focusing on number songs.

we have also enjoyed listening to Goldilocks and the Three Bears in the tuff tray and looking at the language 'big and small'.


Oak class

The children are learning to use ‘Fred in your Head’ strategy to read words quickly.

Jack has been learning to tolerate an adult helping him to fix his spellings.

Aiden is now able to use ‘Fred Fingers’ to help him spell his words independently.

Sam can now explain to children how to underline his special friends and tick or fix his work.

Read, Write, Ink, Cedar Class

Yew Class

Taim was able to paint and complete a creative activity independently, during Chinese new year week painting lanterns.

AJ completing a number jigsaw which was something new that he had never done before, during new skills.

Harrison is learning to mix foods, during our cookery sessions with Sara.

Autumn 2

Birch Class

Attention Autism, is a great way our pupils can work on their turn taking and focus. We do a bucket session watching different objects being pulled out of the bucket. We will then watch the leader do an attention building activity, for example a paint drip. We are moving onto stage three of attention autism which involve us taking turns to do the activity.


Work station, In Birch class work station is an important activity for our children to complete as it allows structure and grounding. We work on activities to improve their cognition and learning, these are differentiated for the different abilities for the pupils. 

Birch Class

Ash class

Ash class have so much fun learning in lots of different ways! We learn through 1:1 activities, group, and structured play activities. The children love completing creative, literacy and numeracy activities-especially puzzles!

Turn taking has also been a big focus for us throughout the Autumn Term and  we are slowly getting the hang of it. Most of ash class will now take turns for up to 2 turns with the help of our communication board, visual and verbal support and a timer!

Ash Class

In Beech class.

Daniel participated in his daily RWI phonics sessions

Jack is reading the book and answering Blank Level 3 questions while reading for pleasure.

Nicholas following visual instructions to mix primary colours using a car.

Logan matching the numicon with the number.

Beech Class

Pine and Willow

In Pine and Willow class, we have been working hard on our individual targets.

 Our theme this term has been "Toys" we have been exploring this through all our curriculum activities.

Pine and Willow

Maple class

In Maple class we have been working hard on out individual target, in different area of the curriculum.

Maple Class

Elm Class

In Elm class, we have been following visual instructions to learn new gymnastics skills in PE sessions. In Numeracy, we have been focusing on subitising numbers and working out finger gnosis for up to 5. We have also been learning using Numicon, which helps us to count and order. 

Elm Class

Redwood Class

Redwood class are now becoming familiar with our good morning session. Some of the pupils can now copy actions and anticipate what is coming next.


In Maths Redwood class have been focusing on big and small and have fun doing lots of matching games.


During creative we have made some wonderful autumn pictures using coloured rice.

Redwood Class

Rowan Class

Rowan class have been transferring their knowledge of addition, from the classroom into the rebound room. 

They complete the sum and then bounce for the correct amount.

Rowan Class

Oak Class

In Oak class we have been working hard on our individual targets.

George using his phonics knowledge to write CVC words.

Brandon following repeating patterns during construction play.

Dixie and Erelah exploring colour mixing.

Rosie drawing smilie pictures "as yellow as a bee"

Oak Class.

Yew Class

You class have worked hard on their individual targets this term.

Aj can complete the alphabet jigsaw independently,

Harrison copied an adult model to draw a straight line 

Teddy is learning to match shapes

Spud is able to order numbers with visual support.

Yew Class

Autumn 1

During adult led continuous provision in Rowan class, staff were modelling using the "I need help" symbol - a skill needed across all aspects of life.

In Pine and Willow Class we have been working hard on our individual targets. Our theme this week has been 'Superheroes'. We have been exploring this through all of our curriculum activities. 

In Elm class

In Beech Class

At Millstead South

We have had such a good time learning through fun activities.