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Absence from school

As a school, we are committed to every child having 100% attendance - in school every day that it is open.


We know that good attendance is central to a child making good progress - and we know that our children love coming to school!


We understand that at times some of our children are not well enough to attend school, and when this happens we work closely with families and health care professionals to support wellbeing, both of the pupil and of the surrounding family. Where appropriate we will support learning to continue in the home or hospital setting, through suggesting activities and providing resources.


We work to promote school attendance in accordance with our policy 



If your child is absent from school due to illness or attendance at medical appointments you must contact school by 9am to let us know the nature of the illness or appointment. 


If you have planned appointments, please send in a copy of the appointment letter in order that this can be placed on your child's school file.