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Physical Development

IG Swimming at The Aquatics Centre

IG PE - Ball Skills Rolling, Throwing and Catching

IG Rebound - Practising Jumping Skills

Autumn 2023 - IG PE - Rolling in Various Ways - Gymnastics

Oak class showcasing various skills

Some children in Oak class showcasing their skills

Erelah using her fine motor skills to peel apples during a cookery session

Dixie mark making during outdoor learning with chalk

Liliana stretching her body in a streamline position in the pool with the help and assistance from an adult and a pool noodle

Redwood class enjoying rebound, sensory circuits swimming sessions

In Redwood class we have been having lots of fun balancing and following instructions during rebound sessions, 

During PE we have been practising rolling, balancing, jumping skills. And during swimming we are working hard towards are individualised swimming development pathway targets but not forgetting to have plenty of fun splashing about with our friends. 

Cedar class learning fine gross motor skills

Sean has been developing his fine motor skills by using finger isolation to form numbers in a sensory tray

Kyla is developing her hand eye coordination by throwing and catching onjects such as large balls, small balls and balloons during PE sessions 

Liam has also been using his fine motor skills in a different way, he has been able to hold a cheese grater firmly and has been able to grate some cheese during a cookery lesson. 

Elliot has been using his fine motor skills to rip & scrunch up paper to make valentines day decorations 

Yew class

Some of our children in Yew class use completely different equipment to help regulate their individual needs which will enable them to regulate themselves. 


Rocco is developing his core strength & balance on the trampoline during rebound sessions 


Harrison likes a good swing therapy session with Sara, this helps him regulate and reach a calmer state when needed so he is ready to learn. 

Rowan class out on those long walks

Rowan class have a very active timetable during the week. We know the importance of getting out into the fresh air for a walk and are now able to complete a long more difficult walk twice a week. 

Fantastic work boys!

Look at the different skills we learn when we explore the climbing wall

Various classes enjoying exploring the climbing wall, using multiple skills such as hand eye coordination, problem solving, physical, emotional & sensory feedback, Strength, endurance & flexibility. Each child will exercise core strength, also using leg and arm muscles plus the tiny muscles in their hands which will help develop endurance and stamina, Our school climbing wall also promotes physical flexibility as the children determine what foot to put on which hold or grip

Maple class wow moments

Hallie-may holding a sitting position with limited support at her hips whilst she maintains her head control.

Oliver rolling himself over so he can explore the interactive floor

Assen working with physiotherapists on standing skills 

Charlotte walking down the stairs into the swimming pool

Chestnut class out in the community

Chestnut class have enjoyed weekly trips to Rowan Adventure Park. We have pushed our physical abilities practising skills such as running, climbing and balancing on different equipment 

Chestnut class

Chestnut Class have been practising their balancing & coordination skills by walking up the beam and jumping off. Some children have built up enough confidence to walk up independently

and problem solve by finding a different way to get down without jumping. 


We have  worked hard on adult modelling & visual learning to role like a pencil. 

Birch class have been taking part in a wide variety of physical activities across the school. 
Birch class are using large gross motor movements and fine motor skills to paint pictures and mark make.