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Developing Personal Care Skills




To facilitate independence through the development of personal care, food processing and domestic skills.


To enable individuals to have an active role in the community.


To enable individuals to work towards living as independently as possible and achieve to the best of their abilities.


To promote safety at school, at home and in the wider community.


To prepare individuals for life in secondary provision and life after school.


ILS is divided into three key areas: Personal Care, Community and Daily Living Skills.


Personal Care-


*Personal Hygiene


*Personal Style

*Eating and Drinking



*Travel and road safety


*Shopping and Money


Daily Living Skills-

*Safety in the home

*Food preparation

*Domestic Skills

ILS is taught across the curriculum and during discrete teaching and learning sessions. Evidence and progress are to be recorded and regularly shared with the Coordinator who will monitor ILS throughout the school. Timetables have ensured that each class has weekly access to swimming sessions, educational visits and the food technology room