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Tummy time

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Tummy time can help to support our neck and shoulder muscles, it helps to improve motor skills with the development in the upper body linking to core stability and head control.

Whilst laying on their tummy can your child lift their head to look around

Placing your hands, one on the hip and one on the shoulder encourage your child to roll towards you and hold the position for 3/5 seconds then encourage to roll back onto their back.

Laying to sitting

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Laying on our backs helps to keep our spine aligned

Can your child reach up (midline) to an object, [support can be used but try to encourage independent movements].
Can they lift their head up off the floor and hold it up for 3/5 seconds
Can your child roll independently from their back to their side, how long can they stay there, can they reach out for an object whilst laying on their side

Supported sitting