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Exercise Circuit

This is an 8 station circuit designed to be done at home with no equipment needed. each exercise can be done for 20 seconds before moving on to the next one. You can do them in any order. You can even create challenges with people at home to see who can do the full circuit in the least amount of time. 

  • Touch toes - from standing tall try to reach all the way down to your toes without bending your toes
  • Crab kick - from sitting on the floor place both hands on the floor and lift your bottom off the floor supporting yourself with your hands and feet only, then try to kick one leg out at a time
  • Sit up - from sitting on the floor place both hands on your head, lay back and try to sit up
  • Sit & Reach - from sitting on the floor try to lean forward and touch your toes
  • Back Stretch - lay on your tummy on the floor, place your both hands in front of you and push yourself up keeping your legs and hips on the floor
  • Jumping Jacks - from standing place both feet together and have your hands by your side then jump out to make your body resemble a star shape then repeat.
  • Windmills - from standing tall spread your feet shoulder with apart and stretch both arms out to the side then bend to your side sliding your hand down your leg as far as you can reach then repeat on the other side.
  • Run In Place - standing in one place start to run on the spot using arms to swing. 

Do all these exercises continually for the duration of the time given allowing a 15 second rest in between exercises [timing can change depending on individual needs]