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12th February 2020 - Some of our children enjoyed a sports festival organised by ‘Liverpool Primary Stars foundation’ 
Our mixed class had the opportunity to take part in four different sporting activities 
New age curling, goal strikes, dodgeball, and blind ball pass. The children had fun learning new skills and mixing in with other schools. They loved meeting Mighty Red and getting certificates at the end topped off the great morning had by all.

Rugby May 2019


Rugby is a great way for children improve their overall body strength and fitness as it is enables them to have a full body workout - throwing the ball for long distances is beneficial for upper body strength and all the running needed helps increase leg strength.


Playing in a team helps develop social skills and self esteem.

Through gymnastics, children experience the benefit of moving their bodies - climbing, reaching, grasping and even falling. For some children the gymnastics environment becomes a therapeutic playground, gymnastics teaches the fundamental movement skills leading to physical literacy.


Learning movement skills help children regardless of age or ability to:

  • enhance brain function in early years
  • improve motor skills, balance, strength, posture, coordination, and sleep patterns
  • enhanced confidence, social skills, and self-esteem.