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MOVE@ Millstead

So, what is MOVE?

MOVE @ Millstead is a child-centred team approach which maximises opportunities for individuals to develop functional physical skills to the best of their ability. It promotes physical development in everything we do in order to improve outcomes for children and their families, allowing them to reach their full potential.


MOVE @ Millstead will endeavour to:

· Work with families, physios, OTs and medical professionals to assess current abilities and set aspirational goals.

· Break down aspirational goals into short term achievable targets.

· Develop individualised programmes which work towards the goals by reducing support.

· Maximise opportunities throughout daily life to promote physical development.

· Regularly review and set new short term targets working towards aspirational goals.


MOVE @ Millstead


MOVE @ Millstead provides a framework which brings the services around the child, encouraging collaborative working. This integrated approach focuses the whole multi-agency team on the         individualised targets for the child and their  family.


It is designed to teach anyone who has not yet learnt to sit, stand, walk and transfer by the age they would be expected to, or those that have lost these skills, to increase their independent mobility to the best of their ability.


MOVE @ Millstead is appropriate for all ages and abilities to increase independent mobility, develop cognitive and communication skills and improve health and social inclusion.


MOVE @ Millstead is a practical mobility programme based around the philosophy that movement is the foundation for learning and uses the combined knowledge of families, carers, education and therapy staff. Regular opportunities are created throughout the child’s normal daily routine for increased practice and progression of skills required to reach aspirational goals.


MOVE Goals


MOVE @ Millstead places families at the heart of the programme. It focuses on aspirational goals set by the individual and their families, the activities are tailored to each individual’s personal needs.

By working towards targets that are  meaningful to their everyday life, MOVE @ Millstead motivates the individual to achieve whilst also ensuring that family members are directly involved in, and can contribute to their child’s sustained progress.


Functional targets can range from:


· Learning to lift their head so they can have eye contact and access the world around them.

· Learning to sit independently so they can help with their dressing.

· Learning to walk outside and play with siblings or access their local community.

· Learning how to climb stairs in order to get their bedroom without having to be carried or hoisted.


MOVE is managed by the charity Enham Trust.  If you would like more information about the MOVE program and how it can help develop functional physical skills please contact Charlotte or Verity at Or by phone 01264345822



Welcome all to a new school year.  September21 - July 22.


Move 2020 -21

Hello and welcome back to a new school year. The MOVE team would to like to introduce our new Movers of 2020.

MOVE Circuits

Our MOVE circuit has a new look  this school year.  We have a  new colour scheme and some new mats for us to practise our skills on. Come and take a look at our new  areas.

Where we learn our new skills

Look at us learning our new skills at MOVE circuit

MOVE around school and our environment

We are always practicing our MOVE skills across the school day, in our classrooms at the pool and at rebound. Come and take a look. 

Move in the classroom

Move in the Rebound Room

MOVE in the pool

We use our walkers a lot throughout the school day.

Proud MOVE Moments

Well done to all our children who have been working really hard on their Move targets and aspirational goals.

This year we have had some of our children graduate the move programme.

Lets give them all a big well done to







Well done to our Graduates

MOVE 2019-20

New to Move 2019

Our movers using the move circuits

We run a daily MOVE circuit session for all the children on the MOVE programme. This provides opportunities to rehearse and develop skills as well as time to socialise with friends from other classes. Each area of the circuit has a different focus and children work on their individual targets.

MOVE circuit areas and rationale

New MOVERS to Millstead September 18

We run  MOVE lunchtime clubs that focus on the different aspects of MOVE. these are:

  • sit to standing club
  • supported sitting club
  • walkers club twice a week
  • MOVE swim


The children have an opportunity to socialise with other staff and children and see other children working on similar targets. They are very supportive of each other and the smiles say it all!

MOVE Quality Mark Re-Assessment June 2017

Do you want to become a MOVE school?


Millstead School can offer you support as part of our Centre of Excellence status. We have two experienced trained trainers and training can be accessed through The Enham Trust/Move (see the link below).

MOVE Training at Millstead 26th/27th June 2017.

If you would like to book on the training event please contact:

or phone 01264 345822

We are busy preparing for renewing our MOVE Quality Mark visit in a few weeks time.


To do this we have put together lots of evidence on how we deliver MOVE across the school and the impact of the programme on the physical development of our learners. There are 10 components and we are confident we have a wealth of evidence to support the outstanding work we do towards functional mobility. If you would like to know more about the Quality Mark there is a link below.

The 10 components of the MOVE Quality Mark



In preparing for our MOVE Quality Mark we have been talking to other schools we have supported since becoming a MOVE Centre of Excellence.


"Just a quick email to say thanks for all the support you and your team have given us at The Loyne Specialist School. The initial training that you delivered at Tor View got me really inspired & the follow up session at your school helped us to see how MOVE could really work at our school. Since then, our follow up visits to your school, emails and shared resources have been incredibly useful. We have now purchased ' Evidence for Learning' for 1 year initially, to record our students progress with MOVE.  Thank you so much.
I hope that we can reciprocate in some way in the future."

Welcoming our new pupils to the MOVE programme

 Our new pupils are assessed by school physios and MOVE aspirational targets are set with the parents.

Time to celebrate

The Move team would like say a massive congratulations to Zac  on graduating from Move.

MOVE Centre of Excellence


MOVE news!


We ran day 1 and 2 training for the SLD Merseyside Consortium and schools from Skelmersdale and St. Helen's at Millstead School on Thursday 24th and Friday 25th November 2016. Many of these schools registered to become a MOVE school in their own right. Millstead School can support them through our Centre of Excellence status.


On the 12th of October 2016 we had a visit from the MOVE consultant Carol Francis. We invited lots of schools (OTs, physios, and teaching staff) to our MOVE open day to find out how they can become a MOVE school and improve outcomes for children and families across Lancashire, Merseyside and St.Helen's.


Some of the schools that visited us and have been inspired are:

Acorn Primary School, Lancs

Elleray Park, Wirral

Lansbury Bridge, St. Helen's

White Ash School, Lancs

Loyne School, Lancs

Palmerston School, Liverpool

Holly Grove, Lancs

 and we also had a practitioner from a charitable foundation Stick 'n' step.


Staff training to become Senior Practitioners for MOVE took place on Friday 12th February 2016, we were joined by staff from other schools and physiotherapists from the Wirral who want to implement MOVE in their own settings. It was raging success and staff are all fired up and ready to put their knowledge into practise.


MOVE training for PARENTS/CARERS was delivered by trained trainers on Monday 14th March 2016. It was a full days training and we had lots of feedback from the parents on how we improve our already outstanding practice.



Friday 25.6.18

This year the theme is Move at the circus.

We had lots of fun at finding out about the circus and trying our hands at being at the circus.

National MOVE Day Friday 14th July 2017


This year the theme is MOVE on holiday!


We will all be jetting off with our cases packed and sunglasses on. We will post pictures so you can see how much fun we had!

Millstead School was awarded the MOVE Quality Mark in November 2014


The report summary from the CEO of MOVE concluded that:




The MOVE Programme at Millstead School is of high quality and is outstanding as compared against the components of the Quality Mark. The programme is outstandingly led and managed by Donna Stretton, the MOVE Programme coordinator with outstanding support from the Head teacher, the leadership team, staff and therapy team, who are making certain that all possible time, effort and resources are being made available to ensure the success of the MOVE Programme. Documentation and procedures are outstanding enabling all to understand and follow the MOVE process and procedures across the school. Students are well motivated and enthusiastic to do their best due to high expectations and a commitment and enthusiasm from all staff.

The school allows a creative and innovative approach to the delivery of the MOVE Programme that focuses on the key elements of individual pupil need and ensures that MOVE is integrated fully into the school systems and processes. Students currently make excellent progress and are keen and willing participants in their programme and are supported fully by their parents and carers. With the move to the new school, with new facilities and resources, in September 2014, learning will be enhanced further.

There is a great deal of innovation taking place at the school that it is becoming a model for excellence for the MOVE Programme.



MOVE Centre of Excellence - Awarded February 2015

MOVE Centre Of Excellence


Using our Centre of Excellence status we have supported the following schools:


  • Mayfield, Chorley

  • Acorns Nursery, Lancs

  • The Coppice, Lancashire

  • Princes, Liverpool

  • Elleray Park, Wallasey

  • Stanley, Wirral

  • Palmerston, Liverpool

  • Foxwood, Warrington

  • Bluebell Park, Knowsley

  • Mill Green, St. Helen’s

  • Merefield, Southport

  • Redbridge, Liverpool

  • Lansbury Bridge, St. Helen’s

  • White Ash School, Lancs

  • Loyne School, Lancs

  • Holly Grove, Lancs

MOVE at Millstead Video

Still image for this video
When we first started out with the MOVE programme in our old premises we made this little video, for more up to date MOVE information you can view our school prospectus video.

MOVE working lunches.


We have a dedicated team  with representatives from every class that has children working on the MOVE Programme; as well as professionals such as OTs and Physiotherapists and our MOVE link governor.


We meet regularly to discuss MOVE and how we can support other schools and improve our own practise.


All the paperwork we use for recording has been devised by this team of SHAKERS (who support our MOVERS) and everyone supports each other. This is also excellent CPD for staff at all levels. Agendas are shared prior to the meeting and all our working lunches have minutes that are circulated after the meeting.