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Lunch time clubs

Our lunch time clubs run Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday and a Friday.  We have 4 types of clubs-

  •  Monday and Friday is our Walkers club where we can have time to use our walkers in a large space. The children are in small groups so they have time to work on their targets and practice their new skills.  At walkers club we encourage and make opportunities to be together in our walkers and have peer interaction.
  • Tuesday is our Sit to Stand club, here we have time to practice our skills to get into a standing position from sitting. We also practice getting up from the floor to a chair or bench. We can do this with support from staff or using hand rails. At sit to stand we are building up our lower limbs and strengthening our core.
  • Wednesday is our swim club we work on a1-1base we have time to practise using the steps and making reciprocal leg movements we can also practice our sit to stand using the steps and the water for our buoyance.
  • Thursday is our Movement 2 music club, here we work on our moving our limbs with support to music. We swing our arms we move our arms up and down we twist from side to side. We stamp our feet we roll from our backs to side to tummy and all the way back we have support from our staff if we need it. The music relates to our topic each term.

Our clubs run for 30 minutes sessions and we have support from our physio team.