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Climbing Wall

An Easter egg hunt!


During the last week of the term, activities were set up around the school to celebrate Easter. Easter eggs were put up around the climbing wall and children were able to collect them while they climbed. It was fantastic to watch different children push themselves in order to collect more eggs! 

Birch class climbers 


It was the turn of birch class today and what an unexpected start! They tried harnesses and helmets on and explored the wall. Matthew even had a go climbing. I can't wait to see how this class progress over the next few terms!


Go birch class!

Climbing assessments 


Children from Cedar and Oak class have had the opportunity to use the wall for the first time this week. They explored the safety equipment and spent a few minutes each exploring the wall and the hand holds. If they felt comfortable enough they started to climb and were able to experience what this new sensation feels like. Lots of smiles and thumbs up! 

Cedar Class have an explore


In cedar class today, all pupils had the opportunity to explore all the safety equipment for the climbing wall. They can't wait to have a go on Friday!


Chestnut class go climbing!


Chestnut class spent the morning in class exploring the safety equipment needed for the climbing wall. They enjoyed taking it in turns to wear the helmet and trying on the harness.

Once they had become comfortable with the equipment they were able to go into the sports hall. Each child got the opportunity to have a go, to experience what it feels like to be lifted off the ground and to climb as much as they wanted.

This allowed staff to assess their ability in order to create an individualised program for their own personal climbing journey at Millstead school.

At Millstead Primary School we value the contribution that the enhance provision and extra-curricular learning can have to our learners. They widen the learning experience and promote greater independence. They can improve the learner’s confidence and generate more positive relationships with their peers and adults.


The use of the Millstead’s climbing wall will require good planning and attention to detail around safety in order to ensure the sessions are fun and safe for those taking part. The climbing wall can be used by the children across cohorts. Through learning to climb they are provided with opportunities to practice skills and make progress across all areas of development. Climbing sessions can build children’s confidence  and in turn this then leads to an increase in their self-esteem. They develop trust and empathy for each other and learn to encourage others to succeed as they support each other to climb to the top. It also enables them to solve problems – which hold to use and how. They develop their communication and language skills through following instructions and offering help and advice. Physically they learn how their body works on a different type of physical challenge and learn different movement techniques which develop their gross motor skills and core strength.

Millstead's Climbing Wall