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How we Communicate

Communication at Millstead School


Communication is an essential part of the curriculum at Millstead School. We aim to communicate with all children about what they are doing and what will be happening to them, in order to achieve this we use a range of techniques at a level appropriate to the child.

Studies have shown over a quarter of the school day is spent in transition. Helping our children to understand, anticipate and cope with transitions is therefore extremely important.

For some pupils they may need the actual object for reference eg: showing them their nappy to indicate going to the bathroom to be changed. For others a photograph or symbol can be used in a generalised way to indicate this.

Our staff wear a set of photographs showing the various rooms and locations the pupils need to access, this is a standardised set with the names of the room on, ensuring consistency throughout the pupils’ time in the school regardless of staff they come across or changes in classrooms. Staff teams will then add additional photo/symbols which they feel necessary to support individual pupils