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Star of the Week

Star of the week - 21st June 2019


Alder Class - Sidiki - For making his own sandcastle biscuits in cookery and eating them!! 


Ash Class - Oscar - For pulling himself along and turning himself around on the scoot board!


Beech Class - - For


Birch Class - Leo - For initiating play in the swimming pool with Sara


Cedar Class - Lillie - For being a wonderful friend and helper and teacher to her friends and the younger children  


Chestnut Class - . - For


Elm Class - Matthew - For using a pincer grip for the first time!


Holly Class - - For  


Pine Class - M - For  


Rowan Class - . - . 


Redwood Class - Tony - For following all instructions during horse riding

                  Riley - For amazing maths!


Oak Class - .Grace, Ruby, Ellie and Poppy - For being absolutely amazing during our trip to the caravan!


Yew Class - Connor - For making a vocalisation for 'go' during 'ready steady go' session in rebound

             Umar - For learning to use his chew to help regulate his sensory needs


Willow Class - . - For  




We are so proud of you all!! :)

Star of the week - 14th June 2019


Alder Class - Libby - For leaving the museum calmly once it had finished, even though she was enjoying it so much!


Ash Class - .Oscar - For following instructions and finding his shoes and putting them on all by himself!


Beech Class - Callum  - For amazing literacy and numeracy work



Birch Class - Ryan - For being so gorgeous! He went and got a tissue to wipe tears away from a child who was upset!

              Alfie - For not wearing a pull up in school during afternoons!


Cedar Class - JoJo - For using his voice. He shouted "yes", "no" and "shoe". 


Chestnut Class - . - For


Elm Class - Harley - For making it to gold shield three times this week!


Holly Class - - For  


Pine Class - Massine - For exploring our pirate treasure using his fingers and hands. For toperating his standing frame for increased periods of time.  


Rowan Class - . - . 


Redwood Class - . - For



Oak Class - .- For


Yew Class -.. - .


Willow Class - . - For  




We are so proud of you all!! :)

Star of the week - 7th June 2019


Alder Class - Grace - For fantastic behaviour all week in school and for being so amazing on our class trip. 


Ash Class - Max - For initiating an interaction with an unfamiliar adult to request an action. Max wanted Jane to pull him on the scoot board!


Beech Class - .  - . 


Birch Class - . - .  


Cedar Class - .Achille - For being an amazing friend! 


Chestnut Class - Sange - For saying 'camel' during our magic carpet adventure! 


Elm Class - Jaydem - For fantastic symmetry work in Numeracy


Holly Class - -  


Pine Class - Jake - For tolerating a positioning well this week and for trying hard to use his hand during sensory art and exploration 


Rowan Class - . - . 


Redwood Class - James - For independent writing on the board

                  Sam - For independently creating and solving addition problems!


Oak Class - Jack - For settling back into his school routine so well :) 


Yew Class -.. - .


Willow Class - Emily - For excellent exploration of some coconuts for 10 minutes. 




We are so proud of you all!! :)

Star of the week - 24th May 2019


Alder Class - Joe - For his amazing contribution during the primary spring run this Thursday! He really showed off his competitive side and ran very fast!


Ash Class - . - .  


Beech Class - Jibrail  - For outstanding running when representing the school at the Everton fun run!


Birch Class - Sian - For achieving her swimming target!  


Cedar Class - . - For


Chestnut Class - . - For


Elm Class - Remario - For a fantastic term! Lots of hard work and able to manage his emotions so well!


Holly Class - - For


Pine Class - . - For


Rowan Class - Liam - For working really hard during swing therapy sessions developing his pre writing skills


Redwood Class - Alishba - Following all verbal instructions during the fun run!

                  Liam - Fantastic first week in Redwood class!


Oak Class - - For


Yew Class -.Bobby - For joining in with the fun run. He completed two races and was brilliant!


Willow Class - . - For Zhi Peng He for settling back to school well.




We are so proud of you all!! :)

Star of the week - 17th May 2019


Alder Class - Logan - For being brave on our class trip this week and being willing to try new activities.


Ash Class - . - .  


Beech Class - Aqueeq - For trying hard at swimming! 


Birch Class - Leo - For excellent communication skills inside school and out in the community! 


Cedar Class - Mustafa - For making healthy choices!


Chestnut Class - Gabriel - For excellent listening during sensory story and engaging with adults on the playground.


Elm Class - Harry - For being a great friend!


Holly Class - Sky  - For independently building holly classes daily timetable. 


Pine Class - Evie Kate - For engaging in lots of different activities during a full week in school!


Rowan Class - . - .


Redwood Class - . - .


Oak Class - Ellie  - For fantastic speaking!

             Ruby  - For walking around calderstones park!


Yew Class -.Muizz - For transitioning well all week and walking to the local shop and back! 


Willow Class - Eve - For asking for more massage on the trampoline.  



We are so proud of you all!! :)

Star of the week - 10th May 2019


Alder Class - Poppy - For being brave taking her medicine with Nurse James :) 


Ash Class - Oscar - For being a superstar during sensory circuits and following gestural cues (point). 


Beech Class - Kendra - For trying hard to programme her beebot


Birch Class - Matthew - For independently making a choice from his choice board and travelling to exchange with an adult


Cedar Class - Mustafa - For making healthy choices every day


Chestnut Class - Elliot  - For requesting a break during cookery when it was too loud!


Elm Class - Max - For trying new food!


Holly Class - Hafsa  - For her independent creative skills., making pirate hats and lots of different playdoh models 


Pine Class - Sharma - For trying to feed herself with a spoon 


Rowan Class - . - .


Redwood Class - JoJo - For independently writing his name every morning without adult prompt or support!


Oak Class - Lexi - .For great behaviour and making very good choices!


Yew Class - . - .


Willow Class - Laura - For independent sitting and good balance when 4 point kneeling on the roll 



We are so proud of you all!! :)

Star of the week - 3rd May 2019


Alder Class - Harry - For answering a question this week - when asked what his favourite part of football was he replied 'bowling' - super communicating and using his voice!


Ash Class - Austin - For being a superstar at forest school and drinking out of a big boy cup! 


Beech Class - Adam and Eva - .


Birch Class - Alfie - For riding the horse independently.


Cedar Class - . - .


Chestnut Class - - .


Elm Class - Ellis - For fantastic behaviour in both school and at home!


Holly Class - Adam  - For horse riding.


Pine Class -


Rowan Class - . - .


Redwood Class - James - For fantastic listening ALL WEEK!!! Brilliant work James!


Oak Class - Poppy - A lot more independence in the swimming pool.


Yew Class - Connor - For anticipating the routine at horse riding.


Willow Class - Charlie - For excellent head control in supported sitting when on the trampoline.



We are so proud of you all!! :)

Star of the week - 26th April 2019


Alder Class - Alex - Fantastic listening in the community.


Ash Class - Francis - For settling quickly into the school routine following the spring break. 


Beech Class - Jabrail - For being helpful to others


Birch Class - Leo - For structuring sentences.


Cedar Class - Makenzie - For having great listening and positive behaviour!


Chestnut Class - Isla  - Participating in play with friends and adults


Elm Class - Mohammed - For a fantastic first week back!


Holly Class - Adam  - Using the word disappeared during the class story. 


Pine Class -


Rowan Class - Enoch - A great first week back!


Redwood Class - Zeeman - When out in the community, Zeeman was able to follow symbols to find the correct items.


Oak Class - Ellie - A lot more independence in the swimming pool.


Yew Class - Kendall - Using lots of single words including a new word 'tiger'. 


Willow Class - Louise - for having a fantastic week, accessing everything that was asked of her including swimming for the first time in 2 months and her standing frame.



We are so proud of you all!! :)