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Within these session we use very lively and energetic songs to engage the children in the activity and movements. The movements can be adapted to the needs of each child. 

I Like To Move It - Warm up song

Here is where the children get warmed up, walking around the room if they can or just warming up all their body parts by lifting or moving them in isolation.

1 - Clap Snap

Children should be encouraged to clap their hands together or allow you to clap with them, holding out one hand while you clap their hand with one of your hands

2 - Don't Start Now

Children should be encourage to stay in a sitting position and move from side to side. As the chorus comes on the children should be encouraged to tap the floor

3 - Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)

Children should be in a sitting position, they should be encouraged to lift their arms in the air and move them from side to side.

4 - Havana

Children should be encouraged to lie on their tummy and stretch out their arm in front of them

Cool Down

Children should lie on the floor (in what ever position is comfortable for them), you should lie with your child and encourage them to take deep breaths