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Please find below a Yoga session. Click to play each video in order and follow the people on the screen to complete the actions. Encourage your child to join in with the actions and you join along too. Each child will need different levels of support to complete the actions, adapt the actions to meet your child's needs. 

Summer 2

Freeze Dance: Yoga Version | Bari Koral

Let's Get Together with Bari Koral

Surf and Swim Yoga with Bari Koral

Roller Coaster! Bari Koral

Loving Kindness | Yoga and Mindfulness with Bari Koral

Summer 1

Bari Koral: "Fly Like a Butterfly"

Yoga warm up

Bee Song | Kids Yoga with Bari Koral

Yoga - song 1

Bari Koral: Skip to my Lou Kids Yoga Version

Yoga - song 2

Roller Coaster! | Kids Yoga with Bari Koral

Yoga - song 3

Bari Koral: Garden Relaxation | Mindfulness, Relaxation, Meditations for Kids

Yoga - Relaxation

Spring 2 

1. Fly Like a Butterfly

Yoga warm up song

2. Clap it!

Yoga - song 1

3. Roller Coaster!

Yoga - song 2

4. Gingerbread Relaxation

Yoga relaxation

Spring 1 

1. Warm up - Let's Get Together

Follow the actions on the screen with your child.

2. Surf and Swim Yoga

Follow the actions on the screen with your child.

3. Freeze Yoga Dance

During the 'Dance' part you and your child can do any dance moves that you want. During the 'Freeze' part of the song you and your child should try and copy the poses on the screen.

4. Super Me! Super Hero Yoga

Copy the actions in the video as best you can with your child.

5. Ocean Breath

Lie down with your child and relax