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Yew Class

Welcome to Yew Class!


We are a class of 7 very energetic and enjoyable children who have a very busy schedule and love to have lots of fun. 


In our class we have; Layla, Lewis, Austin, Francis, Oscar, Jake and Ellis. 


Our class teacher is Emma, our Learning Support Assistants are Margi, Ellie and Craig and we have Joe our apprentice. Sally and Liam our Learning Support Officer's also like to come and have fun with us. 


Our class page will show you all of the fun we have in school.


Through teaching and learning activities and play we are working towards our social communication, our independence and our level of engagement. 


We are provided with interventions throughout our day to support our sensory and emotional regulation. These interventions ensure we are ready to learn. 


Learning in Yew Class

The activities we carry out across our day help develop  and promote a range of skills including; communication, social & play, fine motor, engagement & interaction and independence. 

Each of us have a different approach to learning and our teacher carefully plans activities to support this.


Layla loves to be creative using stickers, scissors, pencils and glue, Layla is very independent and is learning to follow visual instructions. 


Lewis is very energetic, he could run around all day. Lewis engages well during physical activities, these activities also help support his sensory needs. 


Jake responds well to intensive interaction and sensory exploration, he is able to initiate different activities by taking an adult to his chosen one.  Jake is learning how to use PECS to ask for tickles, spin and jump. 


Ellis likes to spend time alone but is beginning to tolerate beginning around other children and has developed beautiful relationships with the staff in class. Ellis enjoys 1:1 activities with the staff especially intensive interaction. Ellis is able to use communication boards to communicate his needs.  


Francis enjoys tactile exploration and is beginning to explore a range of different materials which is helping him engage more during creative activities. Francis can work independently and enjoys singing along to counting songs. 


Austin is becoming very independent throughout his school day, he enjoys playing with different toys with the staff in class and is able to communicate what he would like to play with. Austin loves to sing and dance. 


Oscar responds well to intensive interaction and sensory exploration activities. Oscar uses his PECS book to communicate and can work independently.      


Here are pictures of us having lots of fun in our class.  


Educational Visits 

Yew Class enjoy going on educational visits. We are learning how to act appropriately when out in the community and are beginning to enjoy experiencing different environments. Whilst on our visits we continue to follow our visual timetable to support us. We are able to use our communication aids to support us during snack time or to initiate games and make requests.  Jake enjoys asking for "more" pushes on the swing. 

Physical Development

To support our physical development we access the rebound room, swimming, the sports hall and sensory circuits as well as accessing our outdoor area and running around during playtime.

All activities are planned and structured to support our needs and ensure we remain engaged. Throughout these sessions we are able to carry out cross curricular activities for example, counting, developing our communication and social skills and literacy.  


Swimming is one of Yew Class' favourite sessions. We swim twice a week and like our sessions to be very relaxed to support our sensory needs.  

Some of us had never been in a big pool before and we were a little bit anxious about swimming but now we love it (we even try to add extra sessions on to our own timetables hoping our teachers wont realise it isn't our day).

Layla has been our swimmer of the term, in September she did not like swimming and needed lots of support from the adults, each session we would play games and sing lots of songs. Now Layla swims on her own!! Well done Layla!

We are working really hard to develop our independence skills learning how to undress and dress before and after swimming. Some of us can undress ourselves independently and put on our own shoes. 

Francis swimming

Still image for this video
Francis went on an adventure to see how many fish he could find in the pool.

Christmas in Yew Class

Christmas in Yew Class 1 Making cake for our Christmas Markets.
Christmas in Yew Class 2 Christmas creations.
Christmas in Yew Class 3
Christmas in Yew Class 4 Austin making our sign for Christmas.
Christmas in Yew Class 5 Jake exploring our Christmas sensory tray.
Christmas in Yew Class 6 Austin making Christmas cards.
Christmas in Yew Class 7 Layla busy making tree decorations.
Christmas in Yew Class 8 Francis helping make decorations for our stall.
Christmas in Yew Class 9 Francis matching letters.
Christmas in Yew Class 10 Using his phonic skills to write our sign.
Christmas in Yew Class 11 Elf on the shelf.
Christmas in Yew Class 12
Christmas in Yew Class 13 Making a table cloth for our Christmas lunch.
Christmas in Yew Class 14
Christmas in Yew Class 15 Lights, camera action! Ready for our play.
Christmas in Yew Class 16 Ellis helping with our Christmas table cloth.
Christmas in Yew Class 17
Christmas in Yew Class 18 Oscar working independently.
Christmas in Yew Class 19
Christmas in Yew Class 20
Christmas in Yew Class 21
Christmas in Yew Class 22
Christmas in Yew Class 23
Christmas in Yew Class 24 Christmas lunch.
Christmas in Yew Class 25 Lewis enjoying his Christmas lunch.
Christmas in Yew Class 26 Layla pulling Christmas crackers.
Christmas in Yew Class 27 Austin enjoyed listening to music at lunch time.
Christmas in Yew Class 28
Christmas in Yew Class 29
Christmas in Yew Class 30
Christmas in Yew Class 31
Christmas in Yew Class 32 Ellis at Taskers.
Christmas in Yew Class 33 Jump aboard.
Christmas in Yew Class 34
Christmas in Yew Class 35
Christmas in Yew Class 36
Christmas in Yew Class 37
Christmas in Yew Class 38
Christmas in Yew Class 39 Layla and Father Christmas.
Christmas in Yew Class 40 Austin and Father Christmas.
Christmas in Yew Class 41 Ellis and Father Christmas.
Christmas in Yew Class 42 Lewis and Father Christmas.
Christmas in Yew Class 43 Jake and Father Christmas.