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Summer Term 1 Curriculum Leaflet

Information about what we will be learning thorough our topic 'Under the Sea' and how you can help at home.

This half term in Oak class our topic is "Celebrations".  We will be exploring lots of sensory resources, making lots of lovely art work and taking part in lots of different activities all based around Bonfire night, Diwali, birthdays and Christmas.


During our Bonfire night week, we made firework pictures.  We didn't use boring paint brushes or even sponges, we used sloppy wet spaghetti!!! We put the spaghetti in the paint and then splatted it down onto the paper.  Then we added glitter to make them sparkly.  Some children used eye pointing or reaching out to choose which colour paint they wanted to use, some children were shown the "more" symbol to show them that the paint was going to splat again and some children worked on their hand control to hold and let go of the spaghetti. We all got very messy but had so much fun!!!!!

During our Diwali weeks we made rangoli patterns by exploring different dried foods such as pasta, porridge, rice and lentils.  Some children explored them using their hands and feet, some children used their hands to move the foods and make noises with them and others held them and dropped them to make their patterns.  Then we used paint to make them nice and colourful.  We also  explored dough to make diva lamps.  This was lots of fun! Evie Kate used a communication board to tell us what she wanted on her lamp, I'm sure that you will agree that it is fabulous!

We are all looking forward to making lots of Christmas arts and crafts during the next few weeks, including lots of things to sell at our enterprise fair.

Our sensory story this term has been about a birthday party. The children have really enjoyed exploring different sensory items. If you would like a copy of our sensory story to try at home please open the document below.  The items are all relatively cheap and easy to find. When you read the story, read the words in black and do the things in red.  If you would like any support in how to read or write your own sensory story, do not hesitate to get in touch with Emma at school.

Look at us enjoying our sesnory story

In  hand class we have been using lots of resources that you would find at celebrations like wrapping paper, tinsel, jingle bells and confetti.


In tac pac we have used music from different celebrations and sensory experiences to match them.  If you would like to try our tac pac at home, click on the document below.  Again the resources are cheap and easy to find and the music is all available on YouTube.  If you would like any further information on how to deliver tac pac at home just call school and speak to Emma.