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Willow Class

This term we have been thinking about holidays! We have had a different location every week; we visited China, India, Africa, under the sea and the farm - it's a shame the school budget didn't allow us to go to each place on our weekly class trip!


We had a wonderful sensory story called Sheldon the Snail who goes to beach and must remember all his things such as sun cream, radio, lemonade, sunhat and bag. When he gets there it is dark! poor Sheldon!


We also had a physical sensory story about all the places we covered over the term and had different modes of transport to get there from boats and cars to trains and planes. Here are a few pictures of us this term.

Sensory Art

Physical Development

The Immersive Suite

We celebrated the Queen turning 90 in style this term! Our class was red, white and blue, we did a sensory story, made lots of art and even had a party! Look at how much fun we all had!

Sensory Art to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday.

The Queen's special lunch and party.

The Summer term so far has been all about The Farm. We have been looking at all different farm animals each week. Our visits have been to a farm and we enjoyed all the sights, sounds and smells! The sensory cookery topic was bread and we made different breads each week - we actually got quite good so watch out Paul Hollywood!

Exploring bread making

This term we have been learning about Africa. We have made African instruments, masks, jewellery, landscapes and rice based dishes. The children visited Liverpool Museum to look at African artefacts and animals.


We went on a weekly safari in the immersive suite and used the interactive cube to learn about Africa - its people and its places.

African inspired cookery

Finding African based plants

Visit to Liverpool Museum to look for African artefacts

Africa experience in the Immersive Suite

Sponsored Cycle Event 31st March 2016

Art week Spring 2016

Willow Class have been learning all about Africa this term. We have made rice based food and have been making lots of art to reflect the African landscape, jewellery, animals and instruments.

Spring Term 1 2016 was all about Disney!


In Willow Class

we let it go

because hakuna matata

and the bear necessities

will always be our guide

To infinity and beyond

all it takes is faith, trust

and a little bit of pixie dust

while we just keep swimming

we whistle while we work

we believe in happy endings

           and we know thatnder thsea

because in this classroom

we learn about Disney!

Physical Sensory Story

Hand Class

Disney Mocktails

Using ICT

Autumn Term 2 was Number Rhymes. We focussed on a different rhyme each week. These were:

5 Wicked Witches, 5 Little Monkeys, 5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer, 5 Big Dinosaurs and then Christmas rhymes!


We did lots of switch work using 'helpingkidzlearn' and worked on our play skills. We performed in our school Christmas production and raised the roof!


Here are a few pictures of the fun things we got up to this term. It was very busy as you can see!

Rebound Therapy is an important part of our weekly curriculum in PMLD, we use it to develop communication and interaction as well as for developing core strength, balance and a real sense of FUN!

Rebound Therapy

In hand class we work on using our hands to hold and let go. We want the children to notice they are holding objects and explore them. Some children are making choices between two objects. Hand class is a very important part of our PMLD curriculum as it prepares the children for all areas of the curriculum.
In sensory cookery we made lots of different cookies, each week was a different smell/taste and reflected the number rhyme we were looking at. We used rolling pins and cutters.

Sensory Cookery and Hand Class

Independently exploring sensory objects and textures helps the children make sense of the world. We encourage them to make choices and show what they like and dislike - this is an important part of developing the children's communication skills.
We have an AMAZING Immersive Suite that we use to develop intensive interaction and switch skills. This term we has lots of number rhymes and the children were encouraged to choose which they wanted next by selecting a colour. We also do lots of our MOVE work in the Immersive Suite.

Independent Exploration and Immersive Suite

Using switches is a way the children can control their environment and make choices. We use switches in many ways such as, in the cookery room to make the mixer work, using switch activated toys and activating  number rhymes  on the interactive whiteboard. We also use ipads to play games and listen to music/videos.

Computing and Switch Skills

Music is part of our continuous provision in class, we encourage the children to play instruments in different ways and explore them. Children can make choices between two instruments.
PE sessions are often all together as a cohort. We like to play New Age Kurling and knock the pins down. Watch them go!

PE/Physical Development

Willow Class has 8 children in it from aged 2 to 6. The class teachers Donna and Pat do half a week each in class with the wonderful support of Nicola, Helen, Mel and Shelagh. We are always busy and have lots of fun. We hope you enjoy looking at all the great things we get up to! 

Willow Class are working on 'Who put the colours in the rainbow?' this term. So far it has been great fun. We like the music best!


We have lots of music for our TACPAC. This term it is:

99 Red Balloons by Nena

Green Garden by Laura Mvula

Yellow Submarine by The Beatles

Blue (Da Be Dee) by Eiffel 65

Pretty in Pink by The Psychedelic Furs

Purple Rain by Rockabye Baby


We have a physical sensory story to the following music:

Cloudbusting by Kate Bush

Sunrise by Norah Jones

Kiss the Rain by Yiruma

You Are The Sunshine Of My Life by Stevie Wonder

She's A Rainbow by The Rolling Stones

Somewhere over the Rainbow by The Hit Nation


Why not listen to it at home?

Exploring musical instruments...

Our sensory story this term...

Some pictures of us enjoying the story

We used watermelon rinds to print a rainbow