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Week 4

Today we had a few more newcomers to our club.

It was very busy but thanks to Jaydem helping us out we were able to get everyone pampered. 


Picture 1 Isla waiting patiently for Sharon to massage her.
Picture 2 Isla enjoying an arm massage.
Picture 3 Lois loved her hand massage.
Picture 4
Picture 5 Lexi chose to have her nails pink.
Picture 6 Jaydem being our helper.
Picture 7 You're such a star Jaydem!
Picture 8
Picture 9 Make yourself comfy hey Grace!
Picture 10 Poppy showing off her painted toes.
Picture 11 Lois enjoying being pampered.
Picture 12
Picture 13 Kendall having her hair braided.
Picture 14 Ellis loved his Lush arm massage.
Picture 15 Charlotte chilling whilst having her toes painted.
Picture 16 Braids for Grace.