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Tacpac is a sensory communication resource using touch and music. The children in Pine class really enjoy our TacPac sessions.  We complete these in either a group setting or on an individual basis.  Below is our TacPac music and touch which we are working on this term.


  1. Round and round the garden – Tickling circles on hands and arms
  2. I know a teddy bear – Rollers on legs
  3. Autumn leaves are falling down – crunch space blanket on feet/ use actual leaves
  4. Forest sounds – Feathers
  5. 1000 trees – rice filled socks microwaved on arms
  6. Goldie and Bear theme tune – Teddy bear fur on face
  7. Teddy bears picnic – Wrap bodies in blankets 
Emily showing she didn’t like the roller by pulling her foot away
Lexi sharing her hot sock with Eve
Hallie enjoys feeling the feather tickling her face!
Jack thinks the roller on his legs is very funny!
Lexi learning our new TacPac session
Liliana is a bit unsure about the space blanket!
Louise enjoys the feather
Jack experiencing the roller
Emily reaching out to the feather in anticipation
Hallie enjoys the rollers on her legs
Eve enjoys the rollers on her feet
Jack likes the featehr on his hands
Lexi is being independent and using the roller on herself!
Joe cosy on the blanket
Liliana enjoys the feathers!
Louise crunching in the leaves
Liliana cuddling the teddy fur!
Emily reaching for the hot socks!
Jack cosy in the blanket
Hallie crunching in the space blanket
Lexi crunching in the space blanket
Joe cosy in the blanket
Liliana enjoys the rollers on her arms
Liliana really likes our hot socks
Louise indicating more rollers
Emily cosy in her blanket
Hallie enjoying the hot socks
Liliana cosy in her blanket
Emily crunching in the space blanket
Jack likes the hot socks
Liliana having her hand tickled
Jack enjoys the staff interactions
Jack cosy in his blanket
Joe feeling bark under his feet
Liliana enjoys the feather