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Tac Time

For this session you will play a series of songs.  Each song has an object and an action for you to do to your child.  Each time, play the songs in the same order, this will help your child to build up a recognition of the activity and to start to anticipate the order of the session.  Use the resources from the table below in the way described, to the beat and speed of the music.  You will find the links for the songs on the website below this planning.


You can develop a range of different things during these sessions.


Spending time with your child enjoying a joint activity.  As well as being able to develop skills, this can also a very enjoyable activity for both you and your child.  You could also do this as a family, involving other children or adults in the session. 


Showing signs of anticipation: Pause during the songs, wait for a few seconds and then give them a prompt (tap on the body part you are going to touch or count 1,2,3 or make the signs for more with your child’s hands) look for signs that your child knows that you are going to continue.


Showing a like or dislike for a sensory stimulus.  During each song, look for your child showing that they are enjoying or not enjoying the sensory stimulus.  If they are showing positive signs such as smiling, making sustained eye contact or being relaxed then use the words “you like it, you want more”, show the more symbol and carry on.  If they are showing a negative reaction like crying, pulling away or grimacing then stop the stimulus, show the finished symbol and say “you don’t like it, it’s finished.”


Asking for more: Pause during the songs and wait for your child to ask for more in their own way (vocalising, touching you, looking at or touching the more symbol) When your child shows this response, say “You want more” and show them the more symbol before you start again.




What you will need

What to do

Match of the day theme song


A ball

Roll the ball up and down your child’s legs

Oh so quiet Bjork

A blanket

During the quiet parts -  Wrap your child tightly in the blanket

During the loud parts – Tickle your child

I have a pet

Fur (for example a teddy bear)

Rub the fur up and down your child’s arms

Cooking in the kitchen

Chop sticks or plastic cutlery

Tap on different parts of your child’s body

Splish Splash

Bubbles (you can make up a solution from washing liquid if you don’t have bubbles)

Blow bubbles so that they fall over your child



Lay or sit with your child, make eye contact, talk to them about the session, copy the sounds that they make.

Match Of The Day Theme

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