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Spring 1

During our spring art sessions, we have been focusing on our fine motor skills by using art tools, making choices between our colours, and working on our communication. So far, we have had a lot of fun exploring our different art tools. Some of us have been using rollers to paint our sunflower and butterfly pictures with, which are so beautiful they are up on our class display board. Some of us made choices between two colours of paint to indicate which colour we would like to use on our pictures. Some of us have used a colour choice board with different colours on it to make our choice. We have also been using the glue brushes with PVA glue. Throughout our art sessions we have been using our more, finished and something different symbols to communicate how we would like our artwork to look. We have really enjoyed getting messy and creative during our session as its lots of fun!


Our cookery sessions have focussed on exploring new foods and working on our fine motor skills by using the cookery tools. We have also been focusing on making choices and communicating. We have enjoyed cookery so far as we in Maple Class love our food! We have enjoyed exploring the different textures of foods with our hands. We have also enjoyed tasting our delicious food after we have made it. During our cookery sessions, some of us have been making a choice between which cookery tools we would like to use when we are given a choice. We have had great fun mixing and stirring our ingredients with our wooden spoons, whisks and mixers. Throughout our cookery sessions we have been communicating through our more, finished and something different symbols to communicate whether we would like to continue using the tools or give one of our friends a turn. Cookery has been fun as we get to share and take turns with our friends.