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Spring 1

The tac time that we have been enjoying this half term has been based on our topic 'The Circus' and have focused on different parts of our body. Tac Time is a session that follows a set of songs, each of which uses an object making contact with a body part or a movement. The songs are always played in the same order which allows us to anticipate what is going to come next. Each song is also long enough for us to work on our communication skills to tell the adult working with us whether we want to continue that interaction or stop. The songs and actions that we have completed this half term are listed below (feel free to take part in this session at home!):

  1.  Nellie the Elephant - Using rough gloves to pat up and down children's body to the beat of the music. 
  2. Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite (The Beatles) - Pull ribbons through the children's, encouraging them to grasp them. 
  3. Circus Theme - Trace hands in a plate of having foam.
  4. Popcorn (Barenaked Ladies) - Feel bubble wrap pop on hands and feet.
  5. This is Me (The Greatest Showman) - Track a torch in a mirror
  6. The Circus (Take That) - Intensive interaction.