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Intensive Interaction is designed to meet the learning needs of people who are still at early stages of communication development. At one extreme, this may be a person who is very 'difficult to reach', living a socially isolated life, perhaps having a range of self-stimulatory behaviours and not showing motivation to be with other people. Equally, the approach is for people who may be highly social in many ways and have many successful interaction activities with other people. Yet such a person may still need to develop further knowledge and ability in areas like: use and understanding of eye contacts and facial expressions, taking turns in exchanges of behaviour, developing and furthering vocalisations toward the threshold of speech. Indeed, some of the people for whom the approach would have meaning may be people who have some speech and language ability, but would still benefit from further learning and development in the area of the 'fundamentals of communication'.

Austin engaging in intensive interaction with Lizzie

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Music session

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Austin engaging in play with Lizzie.

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The boys took part in a sponsored PJ day to raise money for Alder Hey. I wish we could come into school every day in our pjs!

The boys spent the morning making pj party invites and then gave theM out to their friends. In the afternoon we had a pj dance, played some games and watched different stories on the board.

Today is Austin's birthday. His family brought in party bags and cake and we were so lucky. 

We enjoyed a party together this afternoon and had lots of fun :)