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Sensory Story Summer 2 2017


Our sensory story is 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. The children have enjoyed this story as part of our daily routine. The children have been learning how to sit in a group and to take turns with their friends with the sensory stimuli.


The story has involved the children tasting all of the different fruits and practicing how to post each piece of fruit through the caterpillar's mouth. The children have also been learning their days of the week and practicing their counting when counting out all of the different fruits.


The children have also enjoyed when the caterpillars turned into butterflies!

Sensory Story Summer 2 2017

Sensory Story Summer 1 2017

Our sensory story this term is 'Little Rabbit Foo Foo'. The children were already familiar with the rhyme and the pictures so I adapted it slightly to make it more sensory and fun!

Little rabbit foo foo meets lots of different animals as he rides through the garden and he keeps squirting them in the face! The children experience vibrating toothbrushes for the buzzy bees, chocolate mice for the field mice, strawberry laces for the wriggly worms and they make their own ladybirds using red card and black paint. t the end of the story the children get turned into a green goonie with face paint and they enjoy turning pictures of rabbit foo foo green with the paint spray. The children are learning to sit together for a story with their friends during these sessions.

Little Rabbit Foo Foo Powerpoint

Sensory Story Spring 2 2017

We enjoy our shared sensory story as a whole class every day after lunch. This term our story is called 'Walking through the Jungle'. We meet lots of different jungle animals during our story such as a monkey playing in the banana tree, an elephant squirting water at us, a hippo splashing mud at us and a crocodile blowing bubbles at us.

Sensory Story Spring 1 2017


Acorn class always have lots of fun during our whole group sensory story sessions. These sessions involve lots of different sensory stimuli that help to bring the story alive for the children. We have enjoyed stories based around our topic 'Dinosaurs'. The children enjoyed 'Going on a Dinosaur Hunt', we searched through the long, wavy grass, went through the snowstorm and waded through the river before being chased by a giant dinosaur.


We also enjoyed the sensory elements of the story 'Dinosaurs in the Supermarket', we enjoyed making a mess in the sensory stimuli just like the dinosaurs in the story. We used baked beans to make marks in with our hands, we enjoyed throwing the frozen peas around the class and we liked using our feet to make prints in the custard.