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Sensory Story

For the 1st summer half term, we have enjoyed 2 different sensory stories, one which we enjoy in class and a physical story that we enjoy as part of our PE sessions. The class based sensory story took us on a trip around the farm, meeting different animals and experiencing a different sensory experience for each of these. For example, we 'milked' a cow using a filled rubber glove and made the milk into cheese which we then smelled. Some of the other animals we met were the chicken, were we moved our hands to find eggs in a nest of hay and the sheep, whose soft wool we stroked. The physical sensory story includes all of the above with a range of movements  and music added to them. For example, we drove our combine harvesters (Song: The Wurzels - I've got a brand new combine harvester) moving our hands around hoops that represented the steering wheel and we rolled eggs down a ramp (Song: Dave Edmunds - Egg or Hen).