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Sensory Story

Sensory stories are stories which have different sensory stimuli associated with each part.

In school, during a half term we use the same sensory story to give the children opportunities to build up a recognition of the structure and to begin to anticipate different parts.

You could do this story with them every day if you like to see if they begin to develop these skills.



What to say

What you’ll need

What to do

Teddy woke up and jumped out of bed with a big stretch.

Light switch

Turn lights on and support your child to stretch their arms

Teddy went into the bathroom, washed his face and brushed his teeth.



Splash water and smell toothpaste

Teddy got dressed, he pulled his cosy jumper over his head.


Pull a jumper over your child’s head

Teddy ran downstairs as he was very excited to try his new cereal.


Crunch cereal in hands

Teddy made cup of hot coffee.


Smell, taste, explore coffee

It was time for Teddy to play with his toys.

Favourite toy

Play with your child’s favourite toy

Then, Teddy watched the television with Mum and Dad.

Remote control

‘Strictly come dancing’ theme tune

Play ‘strictly come dancing’ theme tune, press remote buttons

It was time for tea! Teddy helped Dad cook a yummy tea.

Herbs and spices

Smell herbs/ spices

Before bed, Teddy lay down and read a story with Mum.

Story book

Look at pictures in story book

Yawn! Teddy was tired. He had a lovely day, it was time for bed. Goodnight Teddy!


Light switch

Pull cover over your child, sing 'twinkle, twinkle' and turn off lights