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Sensory Rhyme Time

During sensory rhyme time we sing songs that are accompanied by different sensory experiences. Sensory rhyme time is a great opportunity to develop skills in all areas including communication, physical development and engagement. It can also build anticipation through your child anticipating what will happen with each resource when they see it and hear the associated song.

Have a look at your child’s Personal Learning Plan and Individual Planning to see what their sensory rhyme time targets are.



What you’ll need

What to do

Chocolate choco choco song



Explore/ taste/ smell chocolate

We’re gonna build a house


Lego/ blocks

Build a tower and knock it down

Brush your teeth



Explore/ smell toothpaste

Sesame Street: The Water Song



Cup/ bowl/ watering can

Pour/ splash/ sprinkle water

I can sing a rainbow


Different coloured materials/ scarves/ clothes

Explore different coloured materials/ hide behind it/ play peekaboo



Chocolate Choco Choco

Fun Song Factory - Gonna Build a House

Brush Your Teeth | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

Sesame Street: The Water Song

I Can Sing A Rainbow - Rainbow Song