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Sensory Rhyme Time

You will need to open and play the slideshow on powerpoint or keynote to make the music play.

Sensory Rhyme Time

In school we do sensory rhyme time once a day. The children enjoy how interactive the session can be.


What you need

What to do

Build a house

Anything you can put on top of each other – e.g. tubs, blocks, pans etc.

As the song is playing encourage your child to place different items on top of each other to build a tower.

You should have your own set of items to build a tower with so that your child can copy you building.

Brush your teeth

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Encourage your child to smell the toothpaste, place the toothpaste on the toothbrush and encourage your child to explore both. Putting it through their hands, in their mouths etc.

(have wipes available to clean up).


Water spray

Bowl of water

Jugs, cups etc. (for pouring)

Water spray: spray different parts of the body with the water spray; watch your child’s reaction to see what they prefer.

Bowl of water: allow your child time to explore the water, splashing moving the water through their hands.

Jugs/cups and bowl of water: encourage your child to fill and empty different containers pouring the water into the bowl.



Offer your child a piece of chocolate; see if they can ask for the chocolate using their own personal communication preference.

Somewhere over the rainbow

Bubbles or coloured materials

Bubbles: whilst the song is playing get your child to sit or lay down on the floor. Blow bubbles over your child. This should be a calming song.

Coloured materials: whilst the song is playing get your child to sit or lay down on the floor. Slowly run the different materials over your child, run them over different parts of the body watching for your child’s preferences.