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Sensory Play & Interventions

Sensory interventions are put in place to ensure the children in Yew Class are ready to learn. The children will engage in the different sensory trays independently and are now enjoying sharing the activity with their peers and adults in class.

The children  also access sensory circuits which are designed to alert or calm depending on each individual and the time of the day. 

Bouncing on the trampette.
Sensory trays linked to our story.
Exploring different materials.
Having lots of fun with Margi.
Jake engaging and making lots of eye contact.
Jake enjoying water play.
Learning how to use a scoot board.
Lewis getting ready to climb the bench.
Ellis learning how to climb down the bench.
Turn taking. Austins turn on the scoot board.
Ellis doing a calming exercise on the peanut ball.
Oscar practicing how to crawl up the bench.
Jake enjoying some proprioceptive input.
Exploring sensory trays together.
Ellis is learning how to steer the bike.
Relaxing in the immersive suite.
Lewis enjoying the foot spa.
Now time for a massage.
Ready, Steady, GO!