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Sensory Art

Autumn 2- Celebrations


This term we will be getting very creative for our 'celebrations' topic. We will be making UV skeletons and pumpkins for Halloween week, firework pictures for Bonfire week, we'll be creating our own wrapping paper and making party invitations for Birthday week, we will make salt dough tea light holders and Rangoli rice pictures for Diwali week, for Chinese New Year we'll be making Chinese drums and red, yellow and gold collages and for Christmas we will be making all kinds of Christmas crafts such as snow globes, Christmas cards, tree decorations, Christmas wreaths and Christmas Eve boxes. As well as this, we'll be making even more crafts for our Christmas markets and enterprise. 

Autumn 1- If you go down to the woods today


So far this term we have used different fruit to make fruit prints and used sticky jam to paint with during picnic week. During Goldilocks week we used forks to paint bears and made Goldilock's paper plate faces. We love doing our work as independently as possible and getting very messy! The important thing is what we learn during the process- it doesn't matter how it looks when it's finished.