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Thursday 22nd April 2021


Today we finished off a great science lesson with the most delicious ice lollies,

Thursday 15th April 2021


This term we are learning all about forces. This week we played with push pull toys and played row, row , row your boat. 

Thursday 4th March 2021 


In science today we explored tastes. It was really good to hear the children describe tastes and if they liked or not liked the foods. 

Tuesday 19th January 2021 


In science we have been exploring sensory objects such as hard and soft and we have been exploring the textures on our hands and feet. The girls have enjoyed the Pamper session using the foot spa. 

Thursday 19th November 2020

In Science today we built a castle for our King and Queen, we then used water sprays to wet the castle to see what would happen, as you can see the children enjoyed getting the castle wet and they could either use symbols or say the castle was wet.


Getting the castle wet using spray bottles -
We then took the water sprays outside to wet the windows, this was a great fine motor and gross motor activity as it allowed the children to use their fingers to control where the water was spraying. All the children got involved, you can see how much they enjoyed it. 
Using the spray bottles to wet the windows -

Thursday 12th November 2020

In science this week we watched videos together about wet and dry.

All the children were involved with a carousel of activities.

In the sink - make dry plates and cups wet and wash them in soapy water- how can we dry?
Washing bowl- wash baby clothes and make them wet- how can we dry? Peg on washing line.

Outside we had a car wash - we played with cars and washed them after watching the car wash video. 
Washing tub- bath baby dolls-dry them with towels. 
Look at our pictures and videos enjoying the activities. 

Wash and dry the dishes 
Washing baby clothes

Washing the baby clothes

Still image for this video
Bathing the Baby 

Car Wash

Still image for this video

Shark Tale -Movieclips