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Rowan Class

Rowan Class


Hello and welcome to Rowan Class! In our class we have Lexi, Merve, Declan, Jess and Gordon. Our teacher is Emma, our LSAs are Megan, Jenna, Lauren and Linda and our LSO is Sharon. In our class we follow SCERTS and a sensory based curriculum.

This term our topic is 'Circus' and we have been doing lots of creative, fine motor, cookery, maths, literacy and music activities based around this.





Sensory activities

Sensory activities 1 Merve liked to taste the porridge oats
Sensory activities 2 Jess had a little feel of the oats
Sensory activities 3 Declan liked exploring the dry pasta
Sensory activities 4 Gordon tried to blow the bubbles away

Meet our class

Meet our class 1 Declan
Meet our class 2 Gordon
Meet our class 3 Jess
Meet our class 4 Lexi
Meet our class 5 Merve

Circus themed creative

Circus themed creative 1
Circus themed creative 2
Circus themed creative 3
Circus themed creative 4


ICT  1
ICT  2
ICT  3
ICT  4