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Rowan Class

Rowan class are a group of 7 children and 5 staff at Millstead School.


We follow a holistic, play based curriculum that encompasses specific links to the development of our social skills, communication, emotional regulation and transactional support.

We work to grow and transfer our skills in order to develop our independence. This enables us to access all areas of the curriculum and learn independent living skills whereby we can support ourselves out and about in the community. 


So far this year we have covered the topics of "Animals" and "Celebrations." Now it has turned December all eyes turn to the celebration of Christmas. School has transformed into a Grotto of sorts and we are currently in the midst of practising for the Christmas play.

Let the fun begin!


Teaching and Learning in Rowan Class


The provision in our class is set up to cater for all of our individual needs. We follow the TEACCH principles of learning to maximise our growth and development of skills. We use visual supports across a wide range of activities to support our understanding and increase our levels of independence within our learning. Our classroom provides a wealth of play based and structured learning opportunities which we access activities in the form of a carousel. As we move through the day we learn new literacy and numeracy skills as well as complete workstation activities that enable us to learn organisational skills and consolidate what we have previously learnt. 

We explore the world through messy play and subject ourselves to new experiences whereby we learn support strategies to enable us to tolerate change.

We immerse ourselves in play activities and learn about new and different ways to interact with toys. In class we have recently been focusing on playing table top games such as Buckaroo, Hungry Hippos, Air Hockey and Marble Run. This has taught us about turn taking with our peers and supported the development of our communication and social skills. 

We are an integrated communicative environment in Rowan class and we thrive to develop our communication skills. Our classroom provides opportunities at every corner to challenge our learning and for us to learn and initiate functional and social communication.

Fun in Rowan Class

Educational Visits


This year we have been accessing the local community each week and exploring what our city has to offer. We have been working on being able to tolerate being out and about in public whilst in unfamiliar places. We have also been learning about keeping ourselves safe in the community. Learning about safe walking, crossing roads, waiting and using adults to support ourselves by holding hands and providing us with information about where we are going in the form of social stories so that we can understand the boundaries and expectations placed upon us. We have visited a range of places so far this year from walking trips to supermarkets, where we went shopping for classroom supplies and visits to the café to purchase snack. We have visited local parks and taken in the beautiful scenery from the top of Everton Valley. We have also been further afield to Formby Woods and Crosby.

Physical Development


In Rowan class we utilise all school has to offer in terms of physical therapies and opportunities to develop our fine and gross motor skills.


In Rebound we have been learning about turn taking, following instructions and engaging in a variety of social games. Our current class favourites being: Ring-a-roses, Whats the time Mr Wolf and our Animal Movement game where we travel across the trampoline in different ways.


In the swimming pool we have been focusing on our swim skill development, learning to coordinate our movements to propel ourselves through the water. We also embrace the development of our social and play skills within the pool, playing games and interacting with our peers.



Physical Development