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Redwood Class

Hello Everyone!! 


Welcome to Redwood Class!


We are a class of 11 boys. 


Our teacher is called Emma and we also have Michelle, Emma, Annemarie and Tony our learning support assistants plus Beth our apprentice.


We follow a play based curriculum and our learning takes place in lots of different rooms around school. We can do our numeracy in the pool, literacy in the rebound room and science in the immersive suite, we access the cookery room, sports hall, outdoor areas and incorporate all of our learning during our educational visits. 


We are working towards learning to play alongside our friends and understanding how to share our toys. 


This half term we are learning all about the Circus.   


We have been reading and exploring a mixture of fictional stories and non fiction texts that have enabled us to understand what it is like in the circus. We like to dress up as clowns and other circus acts to put on a performance for our friends in class. 


In numeracy we have been learning how to tell the time and understand the value of money. We have used our knowledge to read circus information and pay for items in the circus shop.  We really enjoyed learning about money... Emma set up a real circus shop where we could buy snacks and treats as long as we could read the price tag and count out the correct money.


Our Autumn Term 2 theme was celebrations, we have learnt about lots of different celebrations through play and creative activities. Our favourite story this term was Captain Beastlies Pirate Party, it was all about a pirate preparing for his birthday. We used the story to help us prepare for our friends birthday in class. 


We have been very busy preparing for Christmas, we have celebrated Christmas in our own individual way as some children do not celebrate Christmas. 


In Redwood Class we love to have fun! We have had a great year together. 


Have a look at our pictures to see how much fun we have learning together. 









Redwood class learnt about the Circus

Redwood class have been learning about celebrations

Our weekly trips to learn football skills with Everton football club

Santa came to visit Redwood Class

Easter Fun!!! Easter Bunny came to our school and left Easter eggs for us to find! We went on an Easter Egg Hunt! Redwood Class won the Millstead Easter bake off! Well Done boys!

Cookery... our favourite food to make is pizza! We choose our own topings and flavours.

Redwood Class explored the woods looking for different habitats! We enjoyed climbing the trees!