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Redwood Class

Hello and welcome to Redwood class.  Will is our class teacher and he is supported by Jess, Carleigh, Elle and our apprentice, Louise.  We have Sharon (our LSO) who supports us at lunch times, during our class trips and some mornings and afternoons. This year we have 9 pupils in our class, 5 of whom are new to our school. There are 3 girls and 6 boys.

Autumn 1- The Circus


Our topic this term is The Circus

Literacy – The Circus, The Singing Mermaid

Numeracy - Number recognition, shape, money and calculations

Knowledge and Understanding of the World - floating and sinking, pushing, pulling, friendships, history of the circus

Cookery – elephant droppings, pretzels, fruit kebabs, hot dogs and fried onions, clown hat cones, donuts, toffee apples

Music – clown songs, nursery rhymes, fast/ slow

Art – making clown faces, circus tents, puffy paint candyfloss, elephant collage, lion mask

PE – circus skills- balancing, throwing, catching, tumbling, rolling

Swimming - Independent changing and confidence in the water

Educational Visits – Our local area, Stanley Park, Sainsbury's

Autumn 2 – Celebrations

Our topic this term is celebrations.

Literacy - Fireworks, Kipper’s Birthday, The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas

NumeracyNumber, Shape, Measurement including Time and Money

Knowledge and Understanding of the WorldFireworks, Birthdays, Christmas, Traditions

CookeryBirthday Cakes, Christmas Yule Log, Hot Chocolate

MusicBody Percussion, Railroad Tracks (Stopping and Starting), Christmas Carols

ArtParty Hats, Salt Dough Tree Ornaments, Christmas Wreaths, Marble Baubles

PEDance, Yoga

SwimmingDeveloping Confidence and Interaction in the Water

Educational VisitsTasker’s Christmas Display

Our first day in Redwood Class- the children enjoyed getting to know each other and showing our teachers what we could do!

Christmas - Over the Christmas period, we enjoyed lots of festive activities. Santa Claus came to visit us at Millstead and we had a great time exploring the christmas display at Taskers.