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Summer Term 1 Curriculum Leaflet

Information about what we will be learning thorough our topic 'Down In The Jungle' and how you can help at home.
Hello and a very warm welcome to Redwood Class. We are a mixed age class of 10 children made up of 9 girls and 1 boy. Our teacher is Nick, our LSA's are Maureen, John, Rachel and Hannah and our apprentice is Sarah. Our topic for the 2nd Spring half term has been 'Down at the Bottom of the Garden'. This has been a great topic and we have loved doing it. We have explored a different part of the garden each week and have experienced activities covering flowers, mini beasts and fairies! We have also taken place in a whole school book week. Our book was 'Ready, Steady, Mo', a book all about running. Take a look at the links below to see some of the exciting things we have been doing.
In our Science topic this term we have been learning about different animals in their habitats. This week we have been looking at Pet's in our homes. Redwood Class visited Pets at home, we had fun looking at all the pets and were even lucky enough to stroke a guinea pig, a hamster and a rabbit. We had a look at the different bed's animals live and sleep in and the food they may eat.

Autumn 2-

We have had lots of fun this week celebrating Halloween and Bonfire night. We all enjoyed dancing to the music at the Halloween disco and making firework pictures.

Halloween Disco and bonfire night

Autumn 1


Hello everyone,


Welcome to Redwood Class page. We have 9 pupils and 6 staff in our Class. Jen is our class teacher.


This term our topic has been all about 'People who help us.' We have been learning about people who may help us in school as well as in our Community. 


We have had a visit from the Police, they help to keep us safe. We have also visited a fire station to meet the fireman who help to put fires out. We had lots of fun spraying the water from the fire hose!

We have also been busy writing letters and posting them home in the post box

Redwood Class have also been learning about road safety on some our educational visits such as how to cross the road using a pelican crossing or asking a Lolly pop lady or man to help us to cross when it is busy.


In Literacy we have shared a story each week as a class including some our favourite characters 'Fireman Sam' and 'Postman Pat.' The children have enjoyed reading the story as a class as well as accessing our new school library to read a story and look at the pictures in the book.


In Numeracy the pupils have been counting, sequencing numbers, listening to and joining in on counting songs. In Shape, Space and Measure work the children have been using and handling money, exploring 2D and 3D shapes and learning about the concept of time.


In creative activities, the children have enjoyed designing and making their own uniform for a different person who may help us each week. They have been working on their spreading technique and exploring sensory materials for a different job role.


In physical development sessions the children have been working on their individual MOVE targets such as sitting, standing, kneeling, crawling and walking. They have also been working on their balls skills such as rolling balls to each other, throwing, catching and knocking down a target. In swimming the children have enjoyed working on their swim targets as well as having lots of fun making splashes and blowing bubbles.


We hope you come back soon to see what we have been up to!


Redwood Class :)

Trip to the Fire Station