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Reading Week 20-24 March

Reading Week 20th - 24th March 2017

The whole school enjoyed a special reading week last week during which each class chose a book to base all of their activities around. Acorn class chose the children's classic story, 'We're going on a bear hunt' as this is a firm favourite of many of the children in the class.


We enjoyed a wide range of activities based around the story. Our literacy activity was about listening and learning about different sounds whilst reading the story so we used different objects to represent the sounds in the story such as a broom for swishy, swashy grass, a water bottle for splish sploshing through the river etc.


Our numeracy activities were based around recognising and following a sequence so we looked at re-enacting the story using sensory materials. We also had lots of fun sequencing the story in our sensory room using physical movement, we used the scoot board for the swishy, swashy grass, rolling on the floor for going through the forest and jumping on the trampoline to get through the squelchy mud!


We also enjoyed creative activities based around the bear hunt story. We made nature frames using natural materials that could be found in the story such as grass, twigs, flowers etc. We also enjoyed making bear sandwiches using bread, chocolate spread and bananas.


At the end of the week we enjoyed a day spent at the Millstead site where we enjoyed lots of different sensory based activities with other teachers learning about the different stories they have covered over the week. The children of Acorn class really enjoyed this and coped so well with a change to their normal routine.


I have included the bear hunt story as a powerpoint for you to share at home with your child.


We're going on a bear hunt story