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Welcome to Pine Class's page.  In Pine Class there are 9 children, 5 boys and 4 girls, Emma our class teacher, Pat who teaches across Pine and Willow class, Joan, Nicola, Karen and Jayne, our Learning support assistants and Bonnie, an apprentice Learning support assistant. 


In Pine class we get up to lots of fun and exciting things and we would love to share some of them with you. 


Below you will find some photographs of some of the learning activities we have been using to support the development of our communication skills, engagement for learning and physical skills.   


Our learning activities are based on a different theme each half term and we use an ethos of "Process Based Learning" focussing on the skills we develop during activities as opposed to the end product. 


We love to get messy, get involved and have lots of fun through sensory activities.  We hope you like seeing some of what we have been up to. 

Our first few weeks in Pine Class - September 2018

Our first few weeks in Pine Class - September 2018 1 Lois explored spaghetti (like hair) with her hands
Our first few weeks in Pine Class - September 2018 2 Massine used his hadns to feel dry pasta
Our first few weeks in Pine Class - September 2018 3 Oliver sat is supported sitting for hand class
Our first few weeks in Pine Class - September 2018 4 Joe loved going fast to paint with his wheels
Our first few weeks in Pine Class - September 2018 5 Jake loves his sensory swimming sessions with Nick
Our first few weeks in Pine Class - September 2018 6 Amelia celebrated her birthday with her new class
Our first few weeks in Pine Class - September 2018 7 Lois had a lovely birthday party in class
Our first few weeks in Pine Class - September 2018 8 Jack getting to know his new friend Amelia

Autumn 1st half Term - Me in my community


During this topic we visited our local area and met lots of new people.  Each week we made art work and explored with a  different part of our bodies.  We made pictures and collages of our faces, found pictures of our family and friends by moving rice with our hands and feet, made paintings with our hands, feet and our wheelchairs.  Some weeks were inspired by local landmarks such as Goodison and Anfield, Stanley park and the Isla Gladstone conservatory.  Here are some of the lovely things we have been doing.

Picture 1 We went on a trip to Goodison and saw Dixie Dean
Picture 2 We enjoyed feeling the marble plaques
Picture 3 They were smooth and cold
Picture 4 We also visited Stanley Park
Picture 5 Massine and Amelia enjoying time on the floor
Picture 6 We knocked balloons with paint around to make art
Picture 7 We have enjoyed lots of rebound sessions
Picture 8 Joe explored spaghetti like hair with his hands
Picture 9 We made blue flags for Everton
Picture 10 and red flags for Liverpool
Picture 11 We enjoyed exploring blue and yellow things
Picture 12 We used them to make a Millstead badge
Picture 13 Joe loves hand class and is learning to reach out
Picture 14 During a trip to our local shops we went to Costa
Picture 15 We smelt lots of different flavoured syrups
Picture 16 And met the lovely staff!
Picture 17 We also visited the fish and chip shop
Picture 18 Amelia loved sitting up to paint with her feet
Picture 19 Amelia is getting to know her new friends

Autumn 2nd Half Term - That's not my .........


This half term our learning was inspired by the book series That's not my.........


Each week our art work, Tac Time and sensory exploration resources were inspired by a different book including witch, unicorns, robot, elf, angel, snowman and Santa.  Our sensory story was based on That's not my dragon. 


That's not my witch


As it was Halloween week we started with That's not my witch.  We made bumpy witches using paper mache and went for a walk in the park to find sticks to add to them.  We explored Halloween toys and sensory items such as spiders in jelly, slime, pumpkins, spiders webs and witches hats.




Picture 1 Shama liked exploring the pumpkin with her feet.
Picture 2 Jack practiced supported sitting whilst exploring.
Picture 3 Oliver was intrigued by the pumpkin.
Picture 4 Shama used her hands to explore inside.
Picture 5 Evie Kate sat in her sling whilst feeling it.
Picture 6 Oliver reachout out to put his hands inside.
Picture 7 Jake moved his feet in the pumpkin whilst sitting.

That's not my Unicorn


This week was VERY glittery! We made sparkly unicorn horns and explored fibre optic tail lights. We explored sprinkles and melted chocolate to make edible unicorn horns. We visited Central Library and found lots of That's not my books to feel and listen to. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

That's not my snowman, Santa, angel and elf


Christmas was soon upon us. Our Christmas themed books led to making lots of lovely Christmas gifts and crafts as well as making lots of things to sell at the Christmas fair.  We visited Dobbies to look at and feel the Christmas decorations and lights.

Picture 1 Jack explored shredded tissue like snow
Picture 2 Massine moved his hands to feel it too
Picture 3 Oliver loved making glittery things!
Picture 4 Massine liked to feel it fall on his hands
Picture 5 Jack wasnt too sure on the cold ice hands
Picture 6 But Oliver was very intrigued by them
Picture 7 and Joe moved his hand to feel it
Picture 8 We sang about snowmen melting and squashed them
Picture 9 Lois found lots of interesting things in Dobbies
Picture 10 Jake tried hard to knock over the glittery bottles
Picture 11 Jack liked the noise and feel of the space blanket
Picture 12 Amelia loved getting messy to make wrapping paper
Picture 13 Keyestrings was a favourite as always
Picture 14 They brought lots of instruments
Picture 15 And the children loved listening to them
Picture 16 and feeling them vibrate
Picture 17 Shama even had a go at playing one!