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Physical Sensory Story

Our physical sensory story sessions are lots of fun! They are like  a sensory story, with different sensory stimulus to match different parts of the story but with added movement, we travel through the story. The children are seated in their wheelchair for the session. 


This half term our physical sensory story is "We're Going on  Bear Hunt".  Here is what we do during the story, you could try it at home (If you do not have any of the resources, you could swap them for something else). We read from the book by Michael Olsen but below is a video of the story if you do not have the book. 


Part of the story Sensory Stimulus Action/movement 
Long Wavy Grass Shake a pom pom Move fast in a straight line
Deep Cold River Feel a water spray over them Move slowly in a straight line
Thick Oozy mud Stomping feet Move slowly in a wavy line
Big Dark Forest Falling leaves Start and stop jerky
Whirling Snowstorm Space blanket shaking over head Move quickly in a wavy line
Narrow Gloomy Cave Lights of and blanket over hear Run away when quickly from bear