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Physical Development

This term we are developing our skills through Athletics. We have enjoyed lots of wonderful things in PE this year and we are looking forward to another Olympic year this year. So to prepare for the impending games we are going to be learning some new skills in throwing, running and jumping.
In Spring term two we have been learning all about Outdoor and Adventure activities. We have enjoyed developing our balance and coordination through a series of activities such as team building games making our own assault courses across our MUGA and also orienteering developing our agility looking for hidden objects around school in the fastest time.
In Spring term one we have been developing our fine and gross motor skills through team games. We loved developing ball skills with our hands and feet which have helped us to become more confident in the team games we have been playing such as football and basketball.
This second half of the Autumn term has been lots of fun getting ready for the wonderful things that have been going on around school leading up to Christmas. In PE we have been enjoying developing our Dance skills. We have linked our PE lessons to the class story 'The Jolly Christmas Postman' and have been loving making movements to represent the different characters and events in the story.
As our first topic this year in PE we are focused on developing our skills in Gymnastics.