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Physical Development

Alongside the MOVE program and physiotherapy targets, we really enjoy taking part in other sessions that help our physical development. One of these is swimming, which we all take part in once a week. This helps us to relax our muscles and gives us some freedom of movement away from our chairs. As we like this session so much, it is a great session in which to encourage lots of communication, whether using symbols or through intensive interaction.

Another session that we access on a weekly basis is rebound therapy. This is a session that takes part on the trampoline and again, we love this session, in particular the high bounces! We can work on some of our MOVE targets during these sessions as working on our positioning is always more fun whilst being bounced!

We also enjoy taking part in two movement to music sessions each week. This is a session were we are positioned on the floor with an adult and we follow a set routine of movements which are set to music. This session stays the same throughout the year to help us anticipate movements and allow some of us to make some independent movements when we have grown accustomed to the song and movement.