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Physical Development

Physical Development 


Physical development for the children in Pine Class can take a number of different forms.


24 Hour Postural Care

Throughout the day we support children to access their 24 hour postural care plans, draw up by the physiotherapists.  This can include the use of a standing frame, side lyer, specialist  chair, P-Pod, specialist boots or splints, a Squiggle mat,  a walker, spending time on a wedge or the floor.  



Some of the children are on the MOVE program and work towards targets for sitting, standing or walking.  We have regular MOVE circuits which children access to practice skills in isolation, children also practice these skills during class based activities, for example during sensory exploration or sensory art. Our enhanced curriculum activities also support the children's progress towards their MOVE targets, for example Rebound Therapy and Hydrotherapy. 


Motor Skills 

The children's IEP targets include physical development around being able to explore toys and objects.  These are promoted through most activities such as Hand Class, Sensory Exploration, Sensory Art, Sensory Rhyme Time and Music.  


Here are some examples of how physical development is promoted in our class.