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The document above is a timetable of activities that can be done with your child. On there are links that will take you directly to the page with all the resources for that activity. 

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Welcome to Oak Class 2020

In Oak Class this year we have eight children. We have six girls; Ruby, Grace, Liliana, Jury, Poppy and Zinet, and two boys; Jack and Callum. The staff in Oak Class this year are, Louise (teacher), Ellie, Kate, Yvonne and John (LSA's), we also have Debbie and Pat (LSO's) who support us throughout the week as well.

This year every half term we will have a new topic. This topic will run through the activites that we do throughout the half term. Every week alongside daily literacy, maths and MOVE activites we will have; creative, music, movement to music, rebound, swimming, play skills activities, cookery, educational visits and PE. These activities will be tailored to each individual child, enabling every child to access the whole curriculum. 

Summer 2

This half term our topic is Viva Brazil. We will have a different theme every week for our outdoor play, these are; football, sand play, sports week, rainforest, water play and carnival. Activities will be set up outside for the children to engage with with specific play targets for them to achieve. 

In maths we will continue to work on recognising colours, the children will complete different activities to sort colours. Some of the children will work on sorting colours into pots, while the others will find a specific colour to create a collage. All of the children will continue to work on recognising amounts, some of the children will be working on 1:1 correspondence, others will work on recognising amounts in the form of dots when given a number and the rest will be finding a given amount up to 5 when asked. 

In literacy the children will continue to work on their individual communiation targets, focusing on the most effective way for them to communciate. We will continue to work on prepositions with a group of children, using I see communciation boards to aid the children in forming sentences. Within our story the children will be working on I see again with the children using symbols or communication boards to aid them to say what is on each page. The children will be working on putting three or four symbols together across these activities. 

In art and cookery the children are working on following instruction, whether that be 1, 2 or 3 step instructions to as independently as possible create art and food items. The children will also be working on holding and using tools appropriately to help to create the art or food. 

Within PE we will be doing zumba style dancing each week, the aim is for the children to be able to independently copy one or more of the moves that are being modelled by the adults. We will also continue to do yoga twice a week, where the children will be required to complete different yoga poses with varying degrees of support. 

In Attention Autism (which works on join attention skills) the children will be working on sitting for longer. Currently the children sit for stage 1 (the attention grabber) and stage 2 (the attention builder), this half term we will be adding stage three which is where the children will take turns to come and participate in activities. 

Summer 1

Our topic for this half term was Down at the bottom of the garden. Each week we focused on a different animal, that animal wove through all of our activities through out the week. We had hedgehogs, dragon fly, snail, worm, frog, lady bird and caterpillar, some of these were characters from our story and others were different animals that would be found in the garden. 

In maths this half term we have been looking at amounts, we have been trying to recognise an amount when given a number or find an amount when asked. The children are also working on recognising colours and choosing these from an option of 2 or 3 colours. As well as this we have been matching shapes and continued to work on reconising big and small. 

In literacy we are working on answering questions using communciation boards, specifically 'what do you see?' The children have been using communication boards or symbols to answer the question relating to our story. Some of the children are working on prepositions, and have been using symbols to identify where the bear is. All of the children have been working on individual communciation targets, using symbols and communciation books. 

In creative and cookery session the children have been working on following instructions with as little support as is individually possible. The children have also worked on using tools appropriately, all of the children are holding the tools independently for varying amounts of time and they are starting to use these tools appropriately. 

Spring 2

This half term our topic was 'food glorious food', we really enjoyed this topic in Oak Class. We also celebrated Easter and spent a week doing different Easter activities. 

Our focus during our literact session was communication, all the hcildren had individual targets which they worked on during 1:1 sessions and across the day. During story we worked on matching symbols to the story and letting staff know what they see in the book using the 'I see' sentence starter. In maths we have been working on recognising numbers, 1-5, 1-10 and finding specific amounts, as well as identifying big and small and sorting them into 2 groups. 

For our physical development this half term we have had PE sessions, MOVE sessions, rebound sessions, swimming sessions and Yoga. In PE we worked on turn taking, working with a partner and throwing and rolling skills. During swimming sessions we have been working on our water confidence and swimming with no or reduced aids and we will continue this next half term aswell. In rebound the children are working on specific targets from the Winstrada framework that is specific to the trampoline. In Yoga all the children enjoyed following the videos and particularly enjoyed the roller coster video where we all sit in a line and move side to side and forwards and backwards. 

For cookery and creative we looked at different food each week, we made sandwiches, sausage rolls/doughnuts, cakes, ice cream and fruit skewers. We used different resources to make each of the food items and enjoyed cutting, mixing, scooping and rolling during cookery. 

The last week of the half term was an Easter week. We had an Easter bake-off where we made our own Easter cake in class and then shared it with all the parents for them to vote for the best cake. We had an Easter Egg Hunt and teddy bears picnic, for our Easter Egg Hunt we had to follow a first, next and then to find different areas of the playground and then follow basic instructions when they got there, they were; jumping, doing the hokey cokey and going down the slide. We all brought in our teddy bears in and enjoyed a picnic lunch on the playground with our bears. At the end of the week we had an Easter bonnet parade and Easter assembly where all the children showed off their lovely Easter bonnets and we sang some Easter songs. 

Week Beginning 01-02-21

This week the children finger-painted rainbow pictures with different colours, and they had lots of fun painting rainbow bagels. During our swimming session we have built lots of confidence and have been swimming without aids but with extra adult support. The children enjoyed the sensory story and improving their communication skills, using symbols and communication books to ask for items. We learned about different shapes and numbers in our maths sessions and did some extra communication getting to choose different nursery rhymes that we wanted. The children all engaged and enjoyed movement to music and yoga this week and they all enjoyed themselves in water play, getting really wet and having lots of fun.

Week beginning 25-1-21

This week in maths the children learned different shapes, and carried out number activities. They enjoyed their sensory story 'Spring is here' and explored different items including feathers, sticks and horns that are incorporated into the story. We enjoyed our swimming session this week sitting on the side and jumping in the water, swimming with no aids with extra support and building confidence in the water. In literacy the children developed their communication skills and had support encouraging them to express things that they want, either verbally or with symbols and communication books. We had fun during our yoga session getting into different yoga poses. We've all had a very busy and fun filled week in Oak Class.

Week Beginning 18-01-2021

This week in Oak Class we painted pictures of chicks using forks. We make rice crispy nest in cookery they tasted yummy! Movement to music was done with all our friends and included some of our friends via zoom. We were all really excited to have 2 swimming sessions this weeks, we had lots of fun and built more confidence in the water. Shapes and numbers were carried out in our maths sessions and we improved our communication skills in literacy. A good week overall in Oak Class. 

Week beginning: 11-01-21

This week we enjoyed our sensory story, Spring is here, making different noises to help mole wake bear up. We have started shapes this half term and we are trying to find triangles, squares, circles and rectangles as well as practicing our numbers. In creative and cookery we are working on following instructions and using different tools in creative we painted pasta to make butterflies and in cookery this week we mixed icing and spread the icing onto marshmallows to stick them together to make caterpillars. We have also enjoyed our PE circuit and yoga this week as well as swimming and rebound. 

Week beginning: 04-01-21

We had a strange start to the year, all our friends came back to school after their Christmas holidays and we were all so happy to see everyone back and well. This week things were a bit different, but we all had loads of fun getting stuck in to our new topic - Spring is in the air. In creative we made egg box flowers, choosing different bright colours to paint our egg boxes. We started a new PE circuit and have enjoyed moving around the hall feeding the hungry caterpillar his favourite  fruits and even having our own try when we get to the end. In music we have been practicing taking turns and have been choosing our favourite instruments to play. One of our favourite things to do is yoga, we are practicing bear, snake and monkey poses during these sessions as well as getting up from the floor and back down again. 

Christmas Time 

We enjoyed loads of different and Christmassy activities in December. Firstly we practices for our Christmas play - which this year was filmed and sent home for everyone to watch safely - we enjoyed this and had fun running away from the giant and finding all the golden eggs. We did loads of different creative activities: making Santa faces with our hands; using our fingers to decorate the Christmas tree; colouring in Santa's elves; making snowmen and Christmas decorations. We all got really messy and had loads of fun. Even though our topic was Frozen we still read some Christmas stories and enjoyed seeing what presents Santa had given in Dear Santa by lifting up the flaps. In the last week before the holidays we enjoyed our Christmas jumper day, all having a photo in front of the tree; Christmas dinner, wearing our Christmas hats and pulling crackers; we all visited Santa and got a gift to take home and we had a socially distanced Christmas party with Maple Class, where we played pass the parcel, danced to Christmas songs and had a party snack. 

Week Beginning: 30-11-20

This week we continued practicing for our Christmas performance, at the end of the week we filmed it and we can't wait for you to see it. We started making Christmas crafts this week, we have been painting cups to turn into Santa's to sell at our Christmas Markets and we have also been enjoying making chocolate stirrers to send home to everyone who ordered from the Christmas catalogue. We have enjoyed a lot of different play activities this week as well as starting some Christmas crafts. When everyone came in on Tuesday we had decorated the classroom for Christmas and had a little workshop set up for the children to play at. This week we used the crayons and stamps to decorate a Christmas tree, as well as colouring in an elf and a reindeer. 

Week Beginning: 23-11-20

This week we began our Christmas play rehearsals, we started to practice the skills that we need for our performance. In art we made footprint snowmen and handprint reindeer for our frozen pictures. We have continued to enjoy our frozen story and all the children are engaging well with the different resources. During Literacy sessions we have been working on communication, with specific communication targets for each child. In maths we have continued number activities, finding amounts from a group and matching/finding numerals. In cookery the children made Oreo snowballs, mixing the ingredients together and covering them in white chocolate. 

Week Beginning: 16-11-20

This week we have continued to work on colourful semantics, attempting to find who, what doing and what within our Frozen story. This week our literacy focus has been reading, the children have enjoyed sharing stories and matching pictures to the book, as well as continuing to develop their colourful semantics ability, identifying a boy or girl (who) and an activity  (what doing). In maths this week we have continued to look at colour, most of the children are now starting to sort two colours and are successfully placing the coloured bears into the correct honey pot. In our creative session the children enjoyed using different winter coloured paints to create a wintery picture, adding Epsom salts as the final sparkle. In cookery the children enjoyed making coconut snowballs, they worked together to mix the ingredients and make their snowballs and then enjoyed the sticky mess they made while eating them. 

Week beginning: 09-11-20

This week we have continued to look at our story, Frozen and have enjoyed the different sensory elements as well as colourful semantics and matching. In maths this week we have been working on counting and finding the amount of objects, as well as continuing to practice recognising our colours. In literacy we worked on our communication, and this looked different for all of us. We have been using communication boards with varying amounts and size of symbols, communication books, as well as symbols to help us. In creative we used different coloured ice cubes to make a picture, we all enjoyed this and some of us even tried the ice, it was very cold! In cookery we made meringues, we all worked together to beat the mixture and then Vicky cooked it for us and we got to eat it for our snack. We have new music for our movement to music session and we are all enjoying the change and we have been completing a new PE circuit where we find different items to build a snowman and at the end we put it all together and make our very own Olaf. This Friday was children in need, the children got in the spirit and came in to school in their pyjamas. We completed different Pudsey Bear activities, we did a Pudsey collage, used our fingers to put spots on Pudsey's bandana and used different crayons to colour in a Pudsey mask. We then had loads of fun making cakes and eating them for snack. 

Week Begining 02-11-2020

This half term our topic is Frozen. We will be working on colours and number in maths and speaking, fine motor and reading activities in Literacy. This week we started to find the colour red, the children explored different red items and some of them found red from a choice of two colours. In Literacy the children practiced their fine motor skills making snow ball out of different materials by scrunching and squeezing. In art we made trolls for our story and fireworks, we used cardboard tubes and paint. The children enjoyed choosing different bright colours for their fireworks. On Friday we all went outside and had a sparkler, we enjoyed holding the sparkler, and moving it in different ways.  

Week Begining 19-10-20

This week our focus was the cafe. We ran our own cafe delivery sevice. We got orders in from all of the other classes in school and along with Maple Class made and delivered cakes for all of the classes. The children did really well delivering the cakes, walking to the different classes, knocking on the door and leaving the cakes outside for the class staff to pick up. 

We also celebrated halloween in school this week. All the children in Oak Class dressed up and we had differetn halloween activities. We made chocolate apples and rice crispie pumpkins. The children also all made a pumpkin paper plate and enjoyed spooky number songs and stories throughout the day. 

This week the children showed us what they had learnt in Maths and Literacy, we went over big and small as well as numbers, colourful semantics and following key word instructions. 

Week begining 12-10-20

This week was our week at the supermarket. We enjoyed our art, painting our own supermarket front. We picked different colours and used different tools to make marks onto the page. During our literacy sessions we worked on colourful semantics, finding who, what doing and what from different pages in our story and sharing some of our favourite stories with different adults. In maths this week we carried on working on big and small, seeing if we can sort them into two groups. In cookery we made rice crispy cakes, we enjoyed mixing the chocolate and adding the rice crispies into the mix. We tried Yoga for the first time this week and all the children really enjoyed the sessions. 

Week begining 05-10-20

This week we went to the clothes shop. The children enjoyed making their own t-shirts using tissue paper and feathers. We enjoyed going out to the forest school area and had marshmallows in the woods. The children did really well walking different distances, over uneven ground and up small slopes. In literacy we have been working on following instructions and finding different objects. In maths we have been working on identifying numbers 1-10 and amounts. 

Week begining 28-09-20

This week we were at the bank. We did lots of number activities this week, looking at numbers 1-10. It was healthy eating week this week, so we tried loads of different healthy foods and in cookery we made healthy oat biscuits coins. In art we made our own money, using dabbers, rollers and sponges. We have been using communication boards to ask for different colours. In our literacy lessons we have all been working on our fine motor activities, we have been scooping using differetn sized scoops throughout the week. In our maths activities we have been identifying big and small from a group of items. 


Week Beginning: 21-09-20

This week our focus was the Greengrocers, we tried different fruits and vegetables and used them to paint with. Some of the children enjoyed eating the fruit and vegetables as well as painting with it. This week our favourite session was cookery. In this session we made our own fruit smoothies. We tried different berries first and then put all the fruit and yoghurt into the blender and using a switch we took turns to blend the smoothie together. We all tried our smoothie and loved it.  

Week Beginning 14-09-20

Week 2 here we go! This week is Bakery week (my favourite week). We decorated cupcakes in our creative sessions and the children loved doing it so much that we did it twice this week. They used tissue paper, glitter, sequins and paint to make their individual cupcakes. During our maths sessions we did individually differentiated 1:1 activites based on big and small, we also do group maths sessions throughout the week. In literacy we focused on reading, doing shared reading activities as well as finding 'who?' on different pages. We especially enjoyed rebound this week, we went to the rebound room in pairs and worked together during the session as well as working on our own individual skills. Our cookery session this week was fun and we made ourselves some gingerbread men biscuits which we ate for our afternoon snack. 

Week begining: 07-09-20

This was our first week back in school, we spent the week all getting to know each other. It was lovely to have all the children back in school. We started the week with six children and during the week we had our new friends come and join us and ended up as an eight. We spent our time getting to know the children and getting back into our routine. The children settled really well and picked up the routine again quickly. 

This half term the topic is the highstreet. This week all our activities were based around The Post Office, some of the activities we completed were posting activities, mark making, and painting postcards. We did our first swimming session which all of the children enjoyed, it was good to get back in the pool and work on our movement and MOVE skills as well as individual swimming skills. 

It was amazing to see all the children back in school and enjoying being back, myself and all the staff team are so happy to have all the children in and happy.