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Welcome to Oak Class!

Hello everybody and welcome to our class page! This year Oak Class is made up of 1 boy called Jack and 9 girls called Charlotte, Ellie, Grace, Hallie-May, Jury, Lexi, Liliana, Poppy and Ruby. 


Our class teacher is called Helen, we have a fabulous LSO called Debbie and our amazing LSA’s called John, Tayla and Zoë. We are also very lucky to have an apprentice called Emily.


Spring 2


Our topic for Spring 2 is Italy. We cannot wait to learn about all things Italian- and of course make some yummy pizza and pasta dishes in cookery! We are going to learn all about the Italian culture through our sensory story 'Oak Class go to Italy'. We will be incorporating the topic into our numeracy and literacy sessions each week. 

In science, we will be looking at the weather and the seasons and will be experiencing rain, sun, snow and wind.

We're looking forward to going out on some lovely trips including going to look at yummy pizzas being made, visiting the art gallery to have a look at some Italian art and going to Otterspool Ice Cream Farm for an ice cream! Yum!


Spring 1


Happy New Year! The topic we're looking at this term is the Circus. We're enjoying listening to our sensory story each day called 'Oak Class go to the Circus'- we especially like tasting popcorn at the end! We've been working on our creative skills to make some beautiful artwork for our circus display. So far we have chosen materials to design our own clown hats, worked on fine motor skills by squeezing pipettes to colour popcorn, used a variety of tools to splat paint clown pictures and mixed together ingredients to make puffy paint candy floss. In cookery we are working on making a sandwich, this has included following visual instructions, deciding the appropriate tools to use and tasting ingredients to decide what we would like to put in our sandwiches! In science we are looking at different animals such as circus animals, farm animals and sea animals. We've also been to Pets at Home to have a look at some of the animals we have learnt about. In numeracy we've been looking at number and using and applying. In literacy we've been developing our early writing skills with lots of messy mark making and we've also been doing different activities such as transferring juggling balls to a bowl using a ladle to develop our fine motor skills. 

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Autumn 2


Well after a very busy first half term settling into our new class we are ready for Autumn 2! This term our topic is called 'That's not my' and we will be focussing on a different 'That's not my' book each week. The books we will be looking at are:

  • That's not my Witch
  • That's not my Unicorn
  • That's not my Robot
  • That's not my Snowman
  • That's not my Elf
  • That's not my Santa

Keep checking back as we add more photos of what we've been up to!


 This term we have been so lucky to be taking part in Forest School. Each week a different group of children go to nearby Everton Nature Park where we enjoy getting very messy in the mud, working on tool use, lighting fires, swinging in the hammock and having lots of fun interacting with different children from around school! Have a look at our photos below.  


Autumn 1


We’ve had a very busy start to the year and have been having lots of fun in class! Our topic is called ‘All About Me’ and we are enjoying listening and interacting with our sensory story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. Our favourite activity to do together is music! We’ve also been working on numeracy, literacy, creative, ICT, cookery, swimming, rebound and science! As well as all of this we all work very hard every day on our individual MOVE targets which support our physical development. We are also working on our play, independence and social interaction skills throughout the day. We’ve even managed to fit in our first class trip to Sainsbury’s and our local park!


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